Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy busy busy!

I am sooooooo busy atm I don't know if I am coming or going!!! So what has been happening? Well last Tuesday I went back to skool - ridiculously excited!! I almost skipped into the classroom! Then we realised we have a certain tutor who is renowned for being a pain in the arse! I see him as a bit of a challenge tbh, he is so strict and obsessed with teaching - it is a challenge to make him laugh and ease up a bit.....but it is going to be a very long year!!!

Then on Wednesday I met my Apprentices in Business Admin. We have 14 teenagers, most of whom have either failed their GCSE's, started 6th form and left or come from very bad backgrounds with major attitude I turned up half an hour early to get everything set up and meet my colleague who I am sharing them with (she has them in the morning with IT and I have them in the afternoon for Bus Admin). So last week was induction, so lots of ice breakers, form fillings etc etc. There are alot of new things about this teaching:
1. they are teenagers with attitude problems (never dealt with those before!).
2. I am the new person at the college and have NO idea where anything is.
3. I have never taught this subject before at this level.
4. I slept a total of about 12 mins the night before!

And - I loved every second of it! Judy said I was very calm and collected (even though I didn't feel like it!) and they did what I asked them to do, no-one killed each other or me, and they all came back after lunch - so good job done! I know it sounds really cheesy but it just felt 'right' regrets whatsoever! (however I would like to reassess that statement at xmas when I want to strangle the little s**ts!). Plus it helped having a fabby Em card in my bag so when it got too scary I had a looksie at that!

I then had to go back to work grrrrr and was very grumpy about having to do that! I have adopted a new team, agreeing to do it cos I was told everything was fine and I had nothing to do. Yeah right! I have never met a bunch of unmotivated, miserable, underappreciated people in my life! And the real challenge is that the previous manager is now my 'boss' ................ mmmm interesting!

We went to see a little puppy this week, but it wasn't the right one for us. Imagine telling a 6 year old that mummy and daddy didn't like the ickle puppy that licked his face? Yeah, I didn't I lied and said the owners changed their mind and decided to keep him. Seemed to work though!

Then at the weekend we went to the caravan again, am loving it there and so far things seem to be working out - but again, xmas - reassess - strangle lol!

I went to a work's networking do this week - felt really false being there listening to how they are going to take over the business, and all I wanted to do was go to college! Anyway - not long now!

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary - 10 chuffing years! I am actually quite proud of that...........mainly cos he is a typical accountant and is very grumpy sometimes! but mainly cos in this day and age, 10 years is a hell of an achievement! Not expecting too much, I think the caravan was my pressie!

Right, am off cos not only is Grey's Anatomy on later (woo hoo) but Bones starts again tonight (even though I said I wouldn't watch it anymore after the TRAVESTY of Zach!) so I need to get my biccies, drinks, duvets ready - yeah, I know I am so sad!

(oh and girls, 'J' is done and is 'I' - you ready or what?!!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Posh Bird!

Happy birthday hunni xxxx