Sunday, June 28, 2009

ABC update

Ok here are some ABC pages - I'm not sure where Sue and Em are up to but I seem to doing these every night! Not sure if it's because we are nearly finished or I know what pages I am going to do for the remaining ones! My main excitement is that I am actually filling an entire book, how sad is that - I have been scrapping for 7 years now and do not have a full scrapbook! Well until now anyways!

So here are my pages - not in order but blogger is playing up and they've been deleted 4 times when I put them in order, so it's as they come I'm afraid!

This is a photo my friend John took for his photography coursework (I could never say that it was one of mine!) I love the flow of the water, and to know this is just down the road from me is amazing! There's some journalling behind the photo about how we moved up, and I don't understand Yorkshire people and they don't understand me but we seem to be able to live alongside each other!
This is one of my fav photos as I think it is the only one with the 7 of us in. It is Gail and Rob's wedding day. The quote says 'Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts'. This is not an indication that Rob is a nut - more (and I know he can appreciate this) that there are some in this photo who could come under that label ;o)

Not sure about this one! My mum makes quilts as a hobby and we have the most amazing quilts on all the beds, plus wall hangings, plus table runners etc etc. So I took lots of photos of all the quilts and I found this offcut that mum wouldn't use cos she wasn't 100% happy with it! So at first I used it as the background, but it got lost under the photos - so I decided to use just the square..........may have to think about this one!

This is the most expensive 12x12 paper I have ever used, but worth it for this subject ;o)

This is about my PGCE course and my classmates. I 'borrowed' stationery off some of them and used them here. There are two sheets under the main front page, which describes my time on the cours.

Really don't like this one! I had one planned since the start about my maternal side of the family who are Matthews. I know exactly how it is going to look and what I am going to say ......... but have realised I have one cousin who no-one has any photos of - how bad is that?! So I grumpily did this one lol! But I will do the Matthews one, at some point.

N is drying and T is designed in my head but can't find the bloody photo I wanted to use!!


Well hello! I have been through the black hole of working out how to get my students through their exams, finish all my coursework for my PGCE, finish all my observations and gradings, working out how the hell working in education works (cos it is soooooooo confusing compared to the 'real world'), weekends at the caravan, training the dog, and crafting....................and here I am!

Have enjoyed the last few months but they have been the hardest yet! But worth it - but that's a whole new post ;o)
Anyways, this has been happening recently!
This is Ollie and his best bud, when we took them BOTH to the caravan for the weekend. Asleep at 10.45pm and awake at 5.45am - me and Tony were knackered! But they seemed to have fun.
This is my Thursday night class - all working mature students, who I LOVED teaching. I am gutted they have all finished as I looked forward to teaching them..........I asked them to stay another year but they said no!

And this is my PGCE class - we're all teaching now woo hoo! I have made some great friends on this course x
PS - really want to talk about Grey's but Sue hasn't watched it yet so I can't!