Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now that was a good day!

You know when some days are just so good?!!
This morning I went into work for an hour, mainly for secret santa ;o) I got a pink fluffy water bottle and socks - I mean how well does that person know me?! Then I left to go to Harrogate, and will not be back until after chrimbo!
I went to Harrogate for the Lance Anderson Art from the Heart class - was fabby! I just love going on any afth class, it doesn't really matter which one! But this one was great cos Lance was taking the class and we were using Rusty Pickle paper, which I love.......The book was a school memories one, and yes I was the only one who was making it for myself! Plus I got to see Dyan again and Kirsty - who I generally see once every 3 years!! We didn't get to giggle as much as usual, he really does work us hard!!!

Sorry Kirsty for having a grubby lens *blush* she does not like them grubby!

And then I went to college, for David our tutors last lesson and we finished early and went to the pub! Don't get much better than that!!
Ollie went bowling the other night with his footie friends

It's his 7th birthday tomorrow. Why does 7th sound so much older?!! It's almost 10!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life changing week!

And that might sound OTT but I promise that is what it feels like!

Monday - went to work, Ollie went to his Beavers xmas party.

Tuesday - had an interview for the teaching job I have always wanted and why I am studying for the PGCE. Have not had an external interview for 15 years so was very scary! I had to do a 10 minute presentation and then was interviewed for another hour. Then went to college.

Wednesday - they said they would let me know today, so when it got to 7pm I figured I hadn't got it and had decided I didn't really want it anyway, and I would be better off not getting it and I wouldn't be any good anyways............ring ring, well done you got the job!!! So I asked for the night to think about it - despite my husband, sister and parents screaming cos I got it!!

Thursday - went into work, and realised how much I wanted the teaching job so I rang up college and accepted. Then that night went out for our team night out - which felt awkward (however the 4th pint managed to help ;o))

Friday - I handed in my notice. Now Em is getting cross with me at this stage cos I have got my dream job and why am I sad? Because I have only ever worked for this company since leaving uni, and I have been there for 15 years! So I did it - and saw genuine shock from my colleagues! I was ok until I had to tell my team. We are such a good and positive team now and tbh the only reason why I would stay is because of them.........so that was a tough meeting! I kept it together and then went and sobbed in my car for half an hour! But then I felt much better!

Saturday - I felt in real shock that my week had actually taken this route! But dh took me to Hobbycraft and Pizza Hut so I felt much better!

Sunday - mum and dad took us out for lunch today to say well done - which is weird cos I have been focusing on the bad stuff of leaving my job and NOT on the positive side of getting my dream job!!! So now I am a happy bunny and looking forward, not backwards!

Atm moment the boy is watching Jumanji, which is fab cos I have wanted him to watch it for ages! He is loving it - which I thought he would. Then tonight he is bowling with his football club!

Of course - I haven't taken hardly any photos this week! So I may have to be a bit more creative!

Looking forward to next week, I have an Art from the Heart course, Secret Santa at work, Ol's 7th birthday and finish work for chrimbo! I don't know how my 25 days of december is going to cope with much more! (and I am almost keeping up - just a few more to do!)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Crafting? Me? Never!!

Well belief or not, I have been crafting!

Here are my first pages for my 25 days book.

I've written a blurb of what is happening at the moment ie where we are working, what class Ollie is in, my course at college........it's inside the envelope, so not on constant display.

Shhhh don't tell anyone but the xmas trees are peel offs!!! Looks ok though cos they are on white vellum, so somehow I think I get away with it lol!

This is on acetate - I just can't photo it!

Couple more photos, this is me and Max my godson at his big brother's party (Bex is so good to have his party early so I can do the 7th page on this, nothing to do with the baby being due on his birthday!)

And this is the ultimate relaxed and chilled puppy - fast asleep and snoring!! Oh to be a dog!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bored now....................

How much flippin snow now?!!! My night out to the Comedy Club in Leeds has been cancelled, so we got some roast dinner stuff from M&S to cheer me up...........although I think the profiteroles may do a better job ;o)
Work has been manic, they actually think I can control the weather!
Boy and man have had a day off together - both driven each other nuts I think!!!
Still haven't managed to get my photos printed but I am keeping up with the pages, and crafting - which is destressing me again. So here are today's offerings..............can you see a link here ;o)

(do you think he quite likes the snow?!!)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


OMG how cold is it here?! As you know I am responsible for looking after disasters, one of which is snow or severe weather.....................so you know when it is time to move on when you look out of the window and your first thought is not about work or the staff, but oooooooooooooooooooooh I am gonna have some great piccies for my 25 days lol!

Well here is a little idea of how cold it is!

Page two is done - woo hoo, am keeping up lol!
There may be a theme to the next few days of blogging ;o)

Monday, December 01, 2008

1st December

Woo hoo - so far so good lol! I have remembered to take a photo for today and I have even made the page. Of course I can't print out the photo as my printer has decided to stop - but I will go into Max Spielman's tomorrow and the next day and the next and the..........;o)

So today Ollie wanted to go to Focus and buy some decs just for his tree. I promised him last year (apparently!) that he could chose his own tree and the decorations all by himself. We have a little space on the landing, so I thought why not! No-one but us will see it and he will have some fun. So we went to Focus and he chose his stuff..................and I swear to 'you know who' I did not guide him, bribe him or anything. The following tree is all his and he even decorated it! And yes I know what you are thinking and yes he probably is! But hey, I am SOOOOO proud!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Over the last few months I have been soooooooo busy I have not had a chance to do anything! All this time I have had a blog and not really said an awful lot, now I have so much to tell you I don't have time to do it!
So a short recap of what has been happening!
I am still teaching my little teenage darlings, except now I think I have broken through the pain barrier and I (and so it seems them) are now quite enjoying it! I had my graded lesson a few weeks ago, this is when a member of the college turns up and you have no idea when and they
assesses how you teach etc. You are graded 1 - 4, 1 being outstanding (which no-one ever gets), 2 being very good (normal grade for everyone), 3 is average and 4 is poor - you get either of these two and your teaching hours suddenly get reduced lol! Well I have been questionning myself and really struggling with college, so when I got a grade 1 I nearly fainted! I think it helped having two guest speakers from the Fire Service, who were GORGEOUS! Really disliking work atm but I do have an interview for a full time teaching job soon, so fingers crossed!!

Someone has come to live with us...........he is cute, and he is kissy and he is the most annoying pet I have EVER had! I never realised how hard having a puppy is, especially when he is so puppyish!

This is the first day:

And this is today, 4 weeks later:

And I promise, he does not have diamontes on his collar! They are reflective bones and I couldn't get them not to reflect!

I have to say though, I am loving the walks! We go for lots of walks in the day and I am seeing so many things I never knew were there cos I usually drive passed them! Plus I have seen lots of sunrises and sunsets, which I have to say I have never done really before...... I just hope he calms down soon, he is doing my bloody head in!

Erm what else? Ooooooooh I had a birthday, with gorgeous pressies as ever from Sue and Em! Plus I got one of Sue's fabby xmas organisers, although this year she has got a challenge to get me organised! (although we have nearly finished all the pressies, much to Em's disgust!). Stunning card as always from Kathy x

For one of my pressies, I got a Art from the Heart voucher (yeay). So I have booked myself onto the Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle class - quite excited actually! It is a first school book, and I may just be the saddest person to actually be making it for me rather than my child!!! Well, we will see - I may allow guilt to take over and do it for Ollie instead!

Lastly, cos you must be bored by now! Sue and I are doing the 25 days of xmas together. I really wanted to do this as I need to get me doing some crafting again, as I am feeling stressed and I need to chillax as my child says! Plus due to having to give up the 365 (which I am still niggled about lol!) I wanted to at least do some crafty record of the year!

So here is my book. I did not make it too christmassy on purpose as I have soooooooooooo many non-christmas things happening in December (like Ollie's and Tim's birthday's (7 years old OMFG!), birth of Bex's little girl, and teaching stuff - although I did use christmassy colours so it didn't look too out of place! Not up to Sue's standard, but hopefully it will look better when it is full of stuff!

(oh and prizes go to the person who knows where I put my book rings!!!)

(oh and apologies for the messy desk!)

So, nice to see you again, and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy busy busy!

I am sooooooo busy atm I don't know if I am coming or going!!! So what has been happening? Well last Tuesday I went back to skool - ridiculously excited!! I almost skipped into the classroom! Then we realised we have a certain tutor who is renowned for being a pain in the arse! I see him as a bit of a challenge tbh, he is so strict and obsessed with teaching - it is a challenge to make him laugh and ease up a bit.....but it is going to be a very long year!!!

Then on Wednesday I met my Apprentices in Business Admin. We have 14 teenagers, most of whom have either failed their GCSE's, started 6th form and left or come from very bad backgrounds with major attitude problems..........so I turned up half an hour early to get everything set up and meet my colleague who I am sharing them with (she has them in the morning with IT and I have them in the afternoon for Bus Admin). So last week was induction, so lots of ice breakers, form fillings etc etc. There are alot of new things about this teaching:
1. they are teenagers with attitude problems (never dealt with those before!).
2. I am the new person at the college and have NO idea where anything is.
3. I have never taught this subject before at this level.
4. I slept a total of about 12 mins the night before!

And - I loved every second of it! Judy said I was very calm and collected (even though I didn't feel like it!) and they did what I asked them to do, no-one killed each other or me, and they all came back after lunch - so good job done! I know it sounds really cheesy but it just felt 'right' iykwim.........no regrets whatsoever! (however I would like to reassess that statement at xmas when I want to strangle the little s**ts!). Plus it helped having a fabby Em card in my bag so when it got too scary I had a looksie at that!

I then had to go back to work grrrrr and was very grumpy about having to do that! I have adopted a new team, agreeing to do it cos I was told everything was fine and I had nothing to do. Yeah right! I have never met a bunch of unmotivated, miserable, underappreciated people in my life! And the real challenge is that the previous manager is now my 'boss' ................ mmmm interesting!

We went to see a little puppy this week, but it wasn't the right one for us. Imagine telling a 6 year old that mummy and daddy didn't like the ickle puppy that licked his face? Yeah, I didn't I lied and said the owners changed their mind and decided to keep him. Seemed to work though!

Then at the weekend we went to the caravan again, am loving it there and so far things seem to be working out - but again, xmas - reassess - strangle lol!

I went to a work's networking do this week - felt really false being there listening to how they are going to take over the business, and all I wanted to do was go to college! Anyway - not long now!

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary - 10 chuffing years! I am actually quite proud of that...........mainly cos he is a typical accountant and is very grumpy sometimes! but mainly cos in this day and age, 10 years is a hell of an achievement! Not expecting too much, I think the caravan was my pressie!

Right, am off cos not only is Grey's Anatomy on later (woo hoo) but Bones starts again tonight (even though I said I wouldn't watch it anymore after the TRAVESTY of Zach!) so I need to get my biccies, drinks, duvets ready - yeah, I know I am so sad!

(oh and girls, 'J' is done and ready........as is 'I' - you ready or what?!!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Posh Bird!

Happy birthday hunni xxxx

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow - it's bin a while!

One day Ol was finishing school for the summer and the next day he is due to go back - where the flippin heck has the summer gone?!!!

It has been a busy one! We've done lots of days outs with school friends, ten pin bowling, pictures, etc etc.

We also did a week at my sister's which included the annual lego land day out. Have lots of photos, to follow shortly!

We also had a day at London Zoo, which was fab! Other days included Reading and Windsor, which I love going to for day's out.

We also have become 'posh pikey's' (as named by my 'mates' I hasten to add, this is not a label I have given to ourselves!). We have got a static caravan in the Lakes, which I have to say I LOVE!! It is so fab getting away, relaxing, living at the lakes, and it's only an hour away. In fact we are all gutted when we have to leave! If I had my way, we would live there!

Anyway, have been making a certain person a birthday pressy. I was going to do a sneaky peak, as I know how much she lurves those ;o)

I have also been asked to do a xmas stall at a craft fair, not sure tbh - I'd like the stash money but I have nothing already made so I'll have to get cracking.............easier to decline?!!

Anyway, hope you are all ok and now I am back, I should be updating more!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RIP Splashy Bob!

We had to bury our goldfish on Tuesday - Splashy Bob was a cute little fishy and was Ol's first pet..........he had a good cry and we had a little funeral for him (felt very wrong flushing him down the toilet) and my boy wrote a prayer 'Dear God, we all want you to bring my fish back to life, you did it with Samson so can you do it with Splashy Bob? Thanks, Ahmen' gotta love that boy!

Yesterday was a bit sad for me cos it was one year since we last saw Casper ;o( but then we got home and Sue had sent Ol a little pressie of a fabby bookmark with an owl and his name on, to say he was excited is an understatement! 1. he got a letter, which he never gets and he moans constantly! 2. he got a bookmark and he is doing a special challenge at the library and NEEDS a bookmark and 3. it's from Sue and quite frankly he asks every day if he can talk to her on msn!!!
I went into where I am going to be teaching in Sept (the 16 year old kids scary one!) and I only have a chuffing a pigeon hole! I can't believe how excited I am about this! It's as if I am a real proper teacher lol!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy Week!

I have a week off this week and I have to admit I am KNACKERED!!!

Monday - Morning gardening, afternoon shopping and tidying.

Tuesday - went to Jo's house, who is my friend at college who I sit with, me, Jo, Edward and Graham. Jo teaches animal management (the one we went to observe with the dog agility..........). Anyway, I guessed she would have a few pets - OMG she puts me to shame! So we spent a fab time with mahusive tropical fish, a parrot with OCD who pulls out his feathers so is completely baldy, 3 pregnant guinea pigs, 2 bonkers collie dogs, a depressed lizard and some very nice goldfish! oh and a one year old child who is going through 'the stage'! So Jo obviously needed a break and suggested we took the dogs for a walk................so we went to a local resevoir to walk the circuit round it and I swear to god it was a good 4 miles!! I was exhausted by the end and moaned all the way round! Plus it was about 95 degrees and didn't take any drinks! I managed to drive home (with Ollie moaning in the back) and lasted till dh got home and then crawled into bed! I then got my second ever migraine (hated the first one and never wanted another one!) and thought I was going to pass out or throw up or both!!!

Wednesday - we had a lovely morning in, Morrisons for lunch and then went to the piccies to see WALL.E. Ahhhhhh how cutie is that film!!! We loved it! Managed to fit in some crafting, and have to admit to starting xmas pressies big time now - my great idea is going to take bloody ages!

Thursday (today) - we planned to go to Bolton Abbey which is a local wood / river / gorgeous spot. Took lots of bread etc but it started to pour down and all the ducks went into the woods! So we stopped for some dinner and then have spent the afternoon in the library. Ollie is the only 6 year old I have met who ASKS to go to the library!!!

Tomorrow - we are meeting Jo (yes that evil woman!) to help her go through wedding plans. She is getting married at the end of August and the bridesmaids etc haven't really helped out - so we are going for a coffee to write a to do list ( does that not sound like heaven Sue?!!). Also DH is out tomorrow so plan to watch a 'chick flick'!

Back to work on Monday for a rest! Hope you're all having a good summer!

Monday, July 28, 2008

RIP Grand Pier

When I think back to my childhood I have lots of wonderful memories, most of them are related to one place in particular. So I am gutted to see this today.........

Memories include the wobbly slats on the walkway which made me go dizzy when the tide was in, the scary ghost train, the hours spent playing bingo, pool tournaments and me WHUPPING everyone at air hockey!!! (so I am now guessing this is also the reason that I failed all my GCSE's!!).

I may not live there anymore, but I am WSM through and through - and I can't wait for the pier to be rebuilt so I can take Ollie so he can have some memories of it too (he was 2 when he last went on there and he says he can't remember it ;o( )

Thursday, July 24, 2008

H is for............

How to be a Hart!

Not entirely happy with it, but I rushed it and it looked much better in my head lol! At some point I may go back and have another go!!

Thank you to my fabby mate Sue who sent me a well done card, cos I is well clever ;o) I love it - thank you hunni!

Right I'm off to play on the Wii Fit - is sooooooooooooo much fun! (especially watching a 37 year old accountant hula hooping!) Gail - xmas party games are sorted for this year!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been a bit quiet lately, tbh have been on a major downer for one reason or another, but am out the other side now! So you'll have to put up with me again ;o)

Lots has been going on from a teaching point of view. I have been asked to teach a couple of lessons. One is to teach the Certificate in Training and Personnel to mature students one evening a week. There other is a modern apprenticeship to 16-19 years old who have left school with no gcse's......................so not much different then!! On both cases half of me is excited and giddy and the other half is screaming at me not to do it! But I am going to do it and I think it is going to be a) the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and b) the best job I have ever had!

Also has some big news the other day, I passed my Maths and English GCSE's! As part of the course we have to retake them to prove an up to date knowledge, which in black and white I think is a good idea but in reality and when I am involved I think it is a pants idea! I took the English one ok but I have a severe issue with maths, not a 'I don't like it' but a horrific terrifying sweating vomiting hatred of it! I completely freaked out and went to pieces.....................and passed! I have NO idea how it happened but it did and I am quite literally in shock! And as Sue knows, I really celebrated and had a double decker ;o)

I have been doing a bit of crafting, just waiting for Sue to hurry up and finish her H page, as me and Em are waiting.........

I've also been doing a bit of beading! I know! I haven't beaded for ages but I got an urge the other week.

And have been planning what chrimbo pressies to do.........and yes I have written a list ;o)

I have a cunning plan and am quite excited by it tbh - but I may change my mind once I start the project - will let you know!

The Boy is on holiday now, being juggled from one place to another bless him but I have managed quite a bit of time off this summer so that should help alot. And we are going to a certain chase la rowntree in the summer and we are already counting the days! I think he would pack if he had a chance!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
happy birthday to youuuuuuu!

Love ya TONS xxx

Sunday, June 29, 2008

wedding card

Nick and Nicola are getting married on Saturday. I am soooo excited! Nick used to work for me and together we chose her ring on the 'net, designed the proposal and where he would do it!! He rang me from the beach in Spain after he had asked her and I burst into tears lol!! Nicola is at the same level as me, and we tend to be the only females in the male dominated meeting so we tend to protect each other! They are just really great and I can't wait for them to be married.

Not 100% sure this is ok for a wedding card but her colours are burgundy.........so I may have to think about it for a week! This is also part of the chipboard swap on JB, my partner Paula sent me this:

And I used it on here:

I am also a bit mad with myself, I made a matching canvas with the idea to get a black and white photo on the day, stick it on the canvas and give it to them on the night. Except I forgot we are all going to look at posh pikey caravan's on Saturday and everyone is soooo mega excited I can't postpone - so not entirely sure what to do now! I could give it to them and take it back once I have got a photo from somewhere, give it to them and say 'stick photo here' or say just wait and give it to them when they get back from honeymoon.................mmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Are you still out there?!! Sometimes life just gets so manic it's hard to get it all down - and the last few weeks have been bonkers!! So much has happened and I've forgotten alot of it!

I now have a new car, the Jimny had to go. It was a fab car, but struggled living in the Dales (a 4x4 that could handle hills!) and I now have a sex on wheels bad boy! It is a Grand Vitara 'Attitude', tis black with spoiler and pimp alloys. Everyone at work thinks it is very funny - and tbh it does look like a pimp mobile, but I do love it.

Erm, what else?.....I have finished my first year at school. That is very scarey as this time next year I will have my PGCE. I have been asked to do some bits of teaching at college, which I am very chuffed about. Have also been asked to become an NVQ assessor (I can hear Em screaming from here lol!) which is quite tempting.

Work has been a whole different matter! Due to my 'outside interests' (college) my Director feels I should hand over some of my responsibilities to enable me concentrate on my personal development. I am so upset about this but very proud that I have been sooooo professional. I think 5 years ago I would've ripped all their heads off - but now I am definately following the 24 hour rule (although this has actually been about 72 hours!). Apparently there is a huge risk in that I am the only one in the company who can do my job - so I have to hand over some of the work to someone else to do instead! I don't know what I am most upset about - 1. this is the first time in 15 years of working there that I am doing something for myself, 2. my boss who is leaving next week obviously knew this was coming and never said a word, or stopped it from happening or 3. I am soooo upset cos what it really comes down to is status, yes I have worked bloody hard to get there but hey, still getting the same money for less stress and work so why am I crying about it so much? Anyhoo, if I keep getting offered so much teaching I may just have to re-evaluate ;o)

Next door scum bag kicked off yesterday. His 3 year old was climbing on top of our fence, trying to get on the roof of the shed. So I told him (calmly) to get down or he would hurt himself. Scummer then came out and went MENTAL cos I told his kid off. But the best thing was my neighbours on the other side were in their garden and he didn't know so as soon as he saw them he siddled back into his pit! Damn this housing crash!

Craftwise - I have been very busy! A certain person's birthday is coming up and I have been initially stressing cos making for her is a chuffing nightmare! I have now managed to cobble something together. Of course I have not thought ahead of how I am going to post it to her! Yeah never really thought about that bit pmsl! All very well doing something a bit different but I may have to drive it down to give it to her lol! But Sue says it is a good idea - so if Em hates it it's her fault pmsl!

I've also done a few cards - imagine that?!!

Have also finished my H page. Not 100% cos it is very different, but hey that's the point right?

Sooooooooooooo -I can soon show you what I have been making but I promise I have been busy ;o)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alice's book

If you remember, we were told Alice wouldn't make it but last week me and Ollie went to her 1st Birthday party! I wanted to make her (and mummy) something special to recognise this - so I made her a book with photos of the day.

Hopefully mummy will like it!
Had an awful night last night at college, did some exams that I need to do to qualify for next year. Literacy I think went ok but numeracy was a complete disaster ;o( I lost it completely after 20 mins and couldn't get it back. Think I will be retaking that one next term grrrr. But after a good cry and a big piece of chocolate cake, I feel sooooo much better ;o)
Ollie had a fab day today and has gone to bed telling me how koool sue is! Comes to something when the boy would prefer to chat to her on msn than play with me! She is a good babysitter though, and laughs at his toilet joke!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Better late than never!

I have been waiting for some new ink for my photo printer, but it still hasn't arrived grrrr. So here is my G page with a temp photo - will replace it when the ink arrives lol!

This is sooooo not me, totally copied, ooops I mean inspired by Sue and Carol's recent creations. Lots of firsts for me here, first time to use just black and white, first time to leave so much white space, no hidden journaling and some more doodling than usual, no flowers or ribbons.

I went for a hollywood look cos my sister looks identical to Bette Davis, so this is an ode to the black and white films.

And I know I know, it looks weird looking at a page all at once ;o)

So now I am off to think of a new theme for my H page..........knew exactly what I was going to do. A page all about my wedding and becoming a Hart..............yeah thanks Em for marrying a G!!!

Oh and off to try and get over the season finale of Bones - omfg I so did not see that coming and YES I KNOW I am talking to myself on this subject (fingers crossed on Steph tho ;o) ) x

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well I have managed to fit in a bit of crafting over the last few days. This is a 'card' for my boss, thought I would do something a bit different - not sure my colleagues get it though!!

Then this is Alice's first birthday card - I got the inspiration from Sue's matchbook challenge, not a full matchbook but almost lol! And I do aim to do a full one soon, as they are so much fun to do!

Not sure if you remember Alice, she is the little girl who wasn't going to make it - and now she is 1! She is gonna get soooooooooooo spoilt!

And here is a Sympathy card I made - sad story, will tell you more another time ;o( (it looks better irl!)