Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm back!

and it's not been 4 months!
Have had a great bank holiday weekend. Saturday we went to see Monsters v's Aliens, which apparently was very good...........I say apparently cos I slept through about 85% of it! Then we went to the park with Ol's best friend for the afternoon.
Sunday was a day visit to the caravan - it's mum and dad's turn this weekend. Which is fab cos it means we get to go for the BH at the end of the month. Today was less exciting! Morrisons for dinner, then shopping................woo hoo!
Anyway here are a couple of pages for my ABC.
J is for Joy - wanted to experiment and do a page with no photo. Never done it before and not sure I will again! Seems all wrong iykwim!

K is for Knight in Shining Armour. The photo is from legoland and under the vellum is a hymn that we sang in the St George's parade that Ol went on for Beavers - as soon as we started singing it I knew what my K page was going to be. Odd where the inspiration comes from eh?!!

L is Legoland! Our annual trip which has three different years of photos on!

This is a canvas that I made for my friend. Her dad was the inspiration behind Calender Girls and whilst we all love the story (especially living in Skipton, as you tend to stand next to them at Tesco's etc!) it is sometimes easy to forget that he died and she misses him. So this week saw the opening night of the stage show, which she loved. So I thought I would do her a little momento - with sunflowers and pearls ;o) Hope she likes it!

And here are some photos of our holiday.

Shhh - Monty's hunting wabbits!

Crazy golf - every holiday should have one!

These pictures are hysterical! There is a monkey at a local wildlife reserve and as soon as he sees a camera, he strikes a pose! The funniest game is to keep walking away and then pull out the camera - he does it everytime! We were in fits of laughter - so so funny!

This is one of the views from our caravan - heaven on earth!