Monday, October 30, 2006


My sister and bil drove for 7 hours to the hospital appointment to be told the machine was broken 'didn't anyone ring you'?!! To say they weren't happy was an understatement! They have to go back next week now grrrrr!

I have also had my first meeting with my new MD at work. He is a scary man! We lovingly call him the 'ballbreaker'. He is calling us in one by one. So far the people leaving are either very pale - or sobbing like babies!!

Well I was in there for an hour and I have to say.............I quite like him! We got on ok and we left it if I needed anything from him to get people to do what I want them to - I only have to ask! My job is annoying cos no-one wants to do what I ask them to do but then a disaster happens and everyone looks to me to save them!! (not literally, only in the business sense!!). We'll see though - not going to say he is fab, cos I haven't called on him for anything yet ;o)

I have a nickname too - but couldn't possibly say lol! They think I don't know what they call me lol!

Am now laughing about a conversation me and Bex have had on msn - I got her really good, bless her. And on her birthday - what a meany I am!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

We love Camelot!!

We left our house at 8.00a. and got home at 9.30pm!! Knackered but had a great day. The kids ran around like maniacs, and went on every ride they could! Paula had to take Ollie on most of the fast / upside down ones - but that just means he loves her even more!

One funny bit, we'd just finished our fish and chips and walked past a little ride of balloons with little baskets, just going round slowly by the ground - so we thought, lovely. So on we gets - except we had only seen the end of the ride, not the mind numbing terror of what it really was! A good 80 foot in the air going round so fast and up and down. How I kept the fish and chips in is a miracle! Helen went a very funny colour and Paula just went very quiet. Of course all of the children thought it was fab!!

Have just sent Carol all my entries to the Crafts by Carolyn big comp. I am going for the 'send tons of entries and at some point someone might like the stuff' approach ;o) It is great to feel so crafty again, especially on the forum. The Mods bit is buzzing and there are so many ideas going on - feels like we have turned a corner. Fabby!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bex's Challenge number 12

OMG - I've done one!!

Now I know

How to insert a piccy (thanks Bex and Carol!) here's my mum's bday card.

I'll be putting some more on but this is more of a test than anything else lol!

Well I've been very bored at work today so have organised myself into writing my Circle Journal to do list and I feel much happier!! Have also just been sent a little taster of someone else's and have now got a major panic on!!

Work wise I am very p'd off today. I booked this week off, fair and square. My 'colleague' who I do not get on well with did not. But her daughter is at home yesterday and today back from boarding school (she is 17) so I feel guilty and offer to go in today so she can spend the day with her - do I get a thank you? do I bugger!!! I have also got all of christmas off and Feb half term next year - don't think I'll be offering again lol!!

Wish me luck tomorrow - we're off on another work's day out. This time to Camelot to a Spooky Spectacular, including a firework display. To say Ollie is obsessed about Halloween is an understatement! He asks in June if it's nearly Halloween ;o) Don't worry about christmas or birthday - only Halloween...... Mum has made him a new cape and hat and he looks fab in it (photo tomorrow maybe!!)

And a very good friend has helped me through a really hard and difficult day today. I am so lucky to have such good friends (hug)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm jiggered!

Went to our Londonderry office yesterday - which means leaving home at 4.00am and getting there for 9.00am, a day off meetings and then home by 9.00pm - so am completely knackered now!!

Ollie had a lovely day with grandma and grandad yesterday, they went to the farm and did pumpkin carving, with 200 other children apparently!!

We've had a nice day today, went to Bex's house and played for most of the day! I am really enojoying this half term, my little man is a pleasure to be with and I am having so much fun with him.

I did get one phone call, one of my close family members had kidney cancer about 5 years ago and had one of their kidneys removed. Well their regular check up has shown abnormalaties and he is in pain again, so things are not looking good. Well, we'll find out on Monday ;o(

Off to make a birthday card for my mum. I hate making family member cards - always feel more pressure on those!!

Do me a favour tonight - give a kiss to someone you love, make the most of them.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a rollercoaster!!

This weekend has been very busy and quite emotional!!

Yesterday afternoon, me and Bex took the boys to the pictures to see Barnyard. It was really nice cos Ol and Tim sat in front of us and I got to cuddle Max. It was Max's first time and apparently as godmother, it was my duty to make sure I was with him! He did really well, to say he is 2 next month! They all laughed at the rudie adult jokes but me and Bex were hoping they didn't really understand them!

Then I went out to Lisa's house at night. There are a bunch of us that don't meet very often but when we do I always have a great time. There were six of us last night and we went with some wine and got a chinese (my fav!). Lisa announced she is pregnant, which is wonderful! Then she told us there were some complications so things may not be ok - she is going to the Specialist on Monday.

Then I heard about a friend who went into labour with twins yesterday. Only one made it through. How do I make a card for one and sympathy for the other?

Then we worked out that out of 6 of us aged 40 and under, 3 are having some kind of cancer treatment. That is so scary!!

But before we knew it, it was 1.30am and we had nattered since 8.00pm!! I love girly nights in, you remember you are not on your own and you have really good friends. And of course lots of wine and food helps too ;o)

Then today a cyber friend has just given me some good news, in fact the best news you can hear from a friend! So now I am back on a high!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well it turns out she was stronger than me ;o)

What a day! Have spent all day interviewing and met two really nice people and two nightmare's!! Easy decision to make though - so jobs offered!

I'm very proud of myself that I have done quite a few entries for the CBC Comp - just now have to photograph them all and get them sent in! It's so good to be crafty again, I can feel my stress levels reducing already! Just have to do a scrapbook page and I'm all done.

Talking of stress, I now have to have my blood pressure taken every fortnight cos it is too high. I have two more chances of it being below a certain amount and then I have to have ECG tests etc - so no problems about getting my blood pressure down then!! They really know how to calm you down!

Well that's it for today. Our first ever half term is upon us and I have planned things for most of the days - so I may just be knackered by this time next week (and alot poorer!).

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New start

I've been thinking of restarting this bloggy thing for a while and just haven't got round to it - so sorry for the delay!!

Extension now finished you'll be pleased to know! I now have the house of my dreams.

Neighbour is completely bonkers - now screams at us in the middle of the street! Don't think it helps that our solicitor has told him to 'bog off'! Nice man!

Friends - now that is a subject I'm going to avoid, lets just say I now know who they are! Update - I've actually just come back to edit this after reading Saffa's blog. I actually already knew who they were and I am thankful everyday for that. But in all of the recent 'troubles' I feel like I have lost a really good friend and I wish I was strong enough to say 'hi' but I'm not! And also recent events made me do something that I have never ever done in my life!! I backed down and contacted someone who I had fallen out with (over something petty really) and asked if we could put it all behind us. Luckily she said yes! But I was suprised by how good it actually made me feel - I should admit I'm wrong more often! (not too bloody often though iykwim!!).

Work is good. Interviewing this week - god I hate doing those! But I am so desperate for staff I'll take anyone at the moment! If they turn up, they get 10 points in the first place ;o)

Biggest news is that my little baby has started school!! He loves it, has settled in really well. Seems to have found his voice too which is great. he is so quiet and shy, I always worry he is going to be forgotten in the corner (hug) but his teacher (who is now on the same hero level as Batman!!) says he is getting bigger and stronger everyday. It was his harvest festival a week or so ago. All reception class went to the front and sang a song about vegetables - my man was a marrow! I wept like a baby - which is fab cos I didn't cry on his first day and felt guilty all day for not crying!!

One of my friends is having a tough time with his daughter and has been told he must go straight back to the hospital to discuss results of some tests. BUT he's now gone to Florida for a fortnight and hasn't told me what the doc said - so now I'm panicking!

Speaking of Florida, Sue is there on honeymoon now - so Sue if you see Joey can you ask him what the doc said?!