Sunday, October 28, 2007

Swing Card

Another JB challenge - was flippin hard this one! I did a card for dad to give to mum for her bday.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Somebody stop me!

Last night I started on more JB challenges, even though the time is closed I am determined to try them all! So I started on the fasten it challenge. So I did an A4 gatefold card for Lisa and Dave's engagement......................9 cards later I finished!!! They are very simple but I really enjoyed doing them and now have all the cards for events leading upto chrimbo like mum's bday and Gail and Rob's anniversary!
I won't show all 9 cos they are pretty much the same. All have strips down the front, with eyelets and ribbon to close. Inside they have an insert of vellum with a rub on poem / saying underneath so it shows through a bit. Am quite happy with them, and even DH has one for his bday!
Here is G & R's anniversary which I am pleased with cos their wedding colours were red and black:
("All love is sweet, given or returned")

And this is mum's which I thought it looked a bit like a quilt!

Same insert inside, just with another flower rather than a smushy poem ;o)

And this is Lisa and Dave's engagement (WOO HOO!!!) Lisa doesn't do fancy so I kept it plain. (when I say doesn't do fancy the wedding is going to be in a field and we all have to wear wellies apparently lol!)

It's got 'together forever' down the front and inside under the vellum there is "to get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with'.

And then this is the Literacy and Numeracy challenge, my godson Max's bday card. I saw the poem and knew it was for Maxy!

'Listen to the mustn'ts child
Listen to the don'ts
Listen to the shouldn'ts
The Impossibles, the won'ts
Listen to the never haves.
Then listen close to me.....
Anything can happen child
Anything can be'

(Sounds a bit godmotherish to me!)

And then today I have sorted out all the 100's of boxes in the spare room and turned it into a guest need to lie down now!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Some more JB Challenges

I think these are all I'm going to manage today - I need to find a way to get more crafty time ;o)
This is a sign for Alice, I am so pleased that she is having a first christmas it had to be for her!

Next is Bex's challenge to make 3 tags - I did 4 but the rules were to show 3 lol!

The last one is Lis's bloomin challenge, to use blooms on the card. This is for mum and dad.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The first of JB challenges

Well here is the first bit I have managed for JB's challenge weekend. I wanted to get them all done by midnight on Tuesday and I know exactly what I am going to do for each one, I just cannot get the time to do them - so they will be done, just not in time for the points.

Well here is my take on challenge 2 = Your challenge is to make a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree . Your decoration can be made however you like, as long as it hangs, and is small enough to go on the tree.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is it catching?!

I love Sue so much, I call her my rainbow cos she always makes me smile and laugh - especially during the rain..........................but (and she knows this) she is a little anal retentive!

Her papers are filed to perfection, as are her stamps. You really don't want to see her ribbon drawer or die cut storage!

Well following my eyelet disaster the other night I decided I needed to do something about my ever growing collection of eyelets.

So I bought a really nice spice rack from my local charity shop and have spent the last hour.......................

.....................putting them in the spice jars, in colour collections. So each colour is in a different jar and I also have a 'fun' jar which is for the themed eyelets.

Please tell me I have not caught something from Sue - PLEASE!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Once Upon a Time..........

Well this does not happen very often (if ever!) but I have made something that I really like and I am not going to self critique!!!
Here is my Once Upon a Time cj. I am getting a bit braver with cj's so have decided to do something a bit different! This time I am going to start off a story and as the cj goes around, each person fills in the next bit to the story. As well as the Buffy cj, I am doing two other cj's atm, one on UKS (10 people) with the wonderful Willow and co (all of which are incredibly talented), I am just coming to the end of the Anything Goes group, just waiting for mine to come home - very exciting! and one on CBC (5 people) hosted by Melly, which I have two from CBC already and I love so I was always going to join in again!
So I have done the same cj for both groups and the same beginning of the story - just to see how the story is different!
So here it is. Some pages I have not added an awful lot to as the paper is so gorgeous (DCWV Once Upon a Time if I could use anything else lol!) but I am really happy with it.

(I turned the photo sepia so it blended in more with the papers - Ollie at Legoland last year!)

(The page opens up and the story is printed underneath, but you'll have to wait to see the story lol!).

Please note - no pink, tons of ribbons, buttons or big blooms anywhere - off to lie down now ;o))

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Xmas swot!

Well here we have a xmas card from Sue's template challenge. Sorry for the blurry scan but the snowflake is quite big and chunky.

(oh and Sue I do forgive you for making me do this card and making me drop about 300 tiny eyelets on my craft room floor!).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

finshed at last!

This is the first time I have done a UKS cj and I don't think I realised how long they took! I knew it would be a year (cos 10 / 11 people sign up) and you think it won't feel like a year......................well it flippin does! And I signed up for two at the same time!

But now I have completed the last pages on both of them today (why was I last on both of them?!) so can get them in the post tomorrow. Have to say I have enjoyed them both, have definately made me raise the bar and I have learnt LOADS from them.

So you'll be pleased to know, no more duffy ;o) Of course I have signed up straightaway for another one but only one this time lol - A Magickal Mystery Tour, can't wait!

Oh and here is something I made yesterday.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I bin a craftin!

All this time my mojo has been hiding at the Just Bex and UK Beaders forums!!
So here are some cards (YES CARDS!!) for JB:
Paisley (new home for Lynda and Jorge)
Old and New - good ole K&Co v's Basic Grey (no contest really lol!) These have vellum over the top and I have glazed some of the paper underneath, but you can't see it on the scan.
And here's one for the Buttons challenge, although I am fighting the need to fix the bottom button!

And here's some bits of beadies:


So how did he do? He was really good until his solo, where his hands were shaking so badly! Then he started singing and we all sat there for 3 minutes with all our mouths open, most of us filling up (including Tim who doesn't 'do' emotional!). His voice was bloody amazing! None of us were expecting his voice to be that good, including his family which were there too.

We all had such a good night and he really enjoyed it too (once he stopped shaking lol!). Apparently we are now on the books as the 'rent an audience' lol!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My Fair Lady

Oh I am soooooooooooooooo excited about tonight lol! David is my friend at work who manages our Training dept. He is in My Fair Lady and has not told anyone. Except what he doesn't know is that we all know about it and we have also ALL got tickets to go and see him tonight! We have got the first 3 rows and everyone has been so giddy about it!

David and I have quite a competitive relationship, really since I caught him cheating at a works quiz night - so this is going to make up for all the times he has beaten me and been sarcastic with me (which he tends to do all the time!).

I am going to enjoy this sooooo much!

(I am sitting next to Jen who has bought in her foamy finger from the Westlife concert - oh god he is going to hate us lol!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Em made my baby cry

Ollie got a parcel today from Aunty Em, when he opened it there was a wrapped pressie and a card. So first of all he asked if it was his birthday! Then I told him sometimes people nice just send things and it doesn't have to be a birthday. So he happily opened the card, I read the message to him - which mage him cry!

THEN he opened the pressie. Not only did he have 3 big bags of sweets (which apparently are much cooler than what I buy him!) but also a tamagotichi football game that every time it comes on the tele he begs for one! So Em is officially the coolest person in the world (and apparently even better at making cards than me!).

Thank you Em - you made him very happy {hug}