Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now that was a good day!

You know when some days are just so good?!!
This morning I went into work for an hour, mainly for secret santa ;o) I got a pink fluffy water bottle and socks - I mean how well does that person know me?! Then I left to go to Harrogate, and will not be back until after chrimbo!
I went to Harrogate for the Lance Anderson Art from the Heart class - was fabby! I just love going on any afth class, it doesn't really matter which one! But this one was great cos Lance was taking the class and we were using Rusty Pickle paper, which I love.......The book was a school memories one, and yes I was the only one who was making it for myself! Plus I got to see Dyan again and Kirsty - who I generally see once every 3 years!! We didn't get to giggle as much as usual, he really does work us hard!!!

Sorry Kirsty for having a grubby lens *blush* she does not like them grubby!

And then I went to college, for David our tutors last lesson and we finished early and went to the pub! Don't get much better than that!!
Ollie went bowling the other night with his footie friends

It's his 7th birthday tomorrow. Why does 7th sound so much older?!! It's almost 10!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life changing week!

And that might sound OTT but I promise that is what it feels like!

Monday - went to work, Ollie went to his Beavers xmas party.

Tuesday - had an interview for the teaching job I have always wanted and why I am studying for the PGCE. Have not had an external interview for 15 years so was very scary! I had to do a 10 minute presentation and then was interviewed for another hour. Then went to college.

Wednesday - they said they would let me know today, so when it got to 7pm I figured I hadn't got it and had decided I didn't really want it anyway, and I would be better off not getting it and I wouldn't be any good anyways............ring ring, well done you got the job!!! So I asked for the night to think about it - despite my husband, sister and parents screaming cos I got it!!

Thursday - went into work, and realised how much I wanted the teaching job so I rang up college and accepted. Then that night went out for our team night out - which felt awkward (however the 4th pint managed to help ;o))

Friday - I handed in my notice. Now Em is getting cross with me at this stage cos I have got my dream job and why am I sad? Because I have only ever worked for this company since leaving uni, and I have been there for 15 years! So I did it - and saw genuine shock from my colleagues! I was ok until I had to tell my team. We are such a good and positive team now and tbh the only reason why I would stay is because of them.........so that was a tough meeting! I kept it together and then went and sobbed in my car for half an hour! But then I felt much better!

Saturday - I felt in real shock that my week had actually taken this route! But dh took me to Hobbycraft and Pizza Hut so I felt much better!

Sunday - mum and dad took us out for lunch today to say well done - which is weird cos I have been focusing on the bad stuff of leaving my job and NOT on the positive side of getting my dream job!!! So now I am a happy bunny and looking forward, not backwards!

Atm moment the boy is watching Jumanji, which is fab cos I have wanted him to watch it for ages! He is loving it - which I thought he would. Then tonight he is bowling with his football club!

Of course - I haven't taken hardly any photos this week! So I may have to be a bit more creative!

Looking forward to next week, I have an Art from the Heart course, Secret Santa at work, Ol's 7th birthday and finish work for chrimbo! I don't know how my 25 days of december is going to cope with much more! (and I am almost keeping up - just a few more to do!)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Crafting? Me? Never!!

Well belief or not, I have been crafting!

Here are my first pages for my 25 days book.

I've written a blurb of what is happening at the moment ie where we are working, what class Ollie is in, my course at college........it's inside the envelope, so not on constant display.

Shhhh don't tell anyone but the xmas trees are peel offs!!! Looks ok though cos they are on white vellum, so somehow I think I get away with it lol!

This is on acetate - I just can't photo it!

Couple more photos, this is me and Max my godson at his big brother's party (Bex is so good to have his party early so I can do the 7th page on this, nothing to do with the baby being due on his birthday!)

And this is the ultimate relaxed and chilled puppy - fast asleep and snoring!! Oh to be a dog!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bored now....................

How much flippin snow now?!!! My night out to the Comedy Club in Leeds has been cancelled, so we got some roast dinner stuff from M&S to cheer me up...........although I think the profiteroles may do a better job ;o)
Work has been manic, they actually think I can control the weather!
Boy and man have had a day off together - both driven each other nuts I think!!!
Still haven't managed to get my photos printed but I am keeping up with the pages, and crafting - which is destressing me again. So here are today's offerings..............can you see a link here ;o)

(do you think he quite likes the snow?!!)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


OMG how cold is it here?! As you know I am responsible for looking after disasters, one of which is snow or severe weather.....................so you know when it is time to move on when you look out of the window and your first thought is not about work or the staff, but oooooooooooooooooooooh I am gonna have some great piccies for my 25 days lol!

Well here is a little idea of how cold it is!

Page two is done - woo hoo, am keeping up lol!
There may be a theme to the next few days of blogging ;o)

Monday, December 01, 2008

1st December

Woo hoo - so far so good lol! I have remembered to take a photo for today and I have even made the page. Of course I can't print out the photo as my printer has decided to stop - but I will go into Max Spielman's tomorrow and the next day and the next and the..........;o)

So today Ollie wanted to go to Focus and buy some decs just for his tree. I promised him last year (apparently!) that he could chose his own tree and the decorations all by himself. We have a little space on the landing, so I thought why not! No-one but us will see it and he will have some fun. So we went to Focus and he chose his stuff..................and I swear to 'you know who' I did not guide him, bribe him or anything. The following tree is all his and he even decorated it! And yes I know what you are thinking and yes he probably is! But hey, I am SOOOOO proud!