Friday, May 30, 2008

Better late than never!

I have been waiting for some new ink for my photo printer, but it still hasn't arrived grrrr. So here is my G page with a temp photo - will replace it when the ink arrives lol!

This is sooooo not me, totally copied, ooops I mean inspired by Sue and Carol's recent creations. Lots of firsts for me here, first time to use just black and white, first time to leave so much white space, no hidden journaling and some more doodling than usual, no flowers or ribbons.

I went for a hollywood look cos my sister looks identical to Bette Davis, so this is an ode to the black and white films.

And I know I know, it looks weird looking at a page all at once ;o)

So now I am off to think of a new theme for my H page..........knew exactly what I was going to do. A page all about my wedding and becoming a Hart..............yeah thanks Em for marrying a G!!!

Oh and off to try and get over the season finale of Bones - omfg I so did not see that coming and YES I KNOW I am talking to myself on this subject (fingers crossed on Steph tho ;o) ) x

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well I have managed to fit in a bit of crafting over the last few days. This is a 'card' for my boss, thought I would do something a bit different - not sure my colleagues get it though!!

Then this is Alice's first birthday card - I got the inspiration from Sue's matchbook challenge, not a full matchbook but almost lol! And I do aim to do a full one soon, as they are so much fun to do!

Not sure if you remember Alice, she is the little girl who wasn't going to make it - and now she is 1! She is gonna get soooooooooooo spoilt!

And here is a Sympathy card I made - sad story, will tell you more another time ;o( (it looks better irl!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

G is for.............


Sorry couldn't resist xxx

Monday, May 12, 2008

F is for........

I'm never first am I?!! Wowsers! Not bad cos I was playing catch up!

Anyways, F is for FUN.

I have always wanted to do a concentina folder on a 12x12. Am quite pleased with it - may have to do it again lol!

Who's next? ;o)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Inspired by Carol

Here is something I have been working on, having seen Carol's book. Unashamedly lifted I'm afraid!!

Very bad photos, but it is quite hard to photo acrylic!

There are secret bits for journalling, which is all very soppy ;o)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

E is for.........

Ernie and Elvina.

Ok appreciate you that won't mean anything to you (apart from Gail) lol but they are my auntie and uncle - and I wuv them loads!

The 'e' is painted with acrylics and the paper is two scoops. There are two envelopes behind the photo that explains why I think they are ace.

(you ready for 'f' and a photo and not a scan?!!)

(and aren't you proud of me for not taking the pi$$ Em? x)

I'm busy making something special just for me and have nearly finished, so will have some more photos soon.

Just wanted to show you these though, with the gorgeous weather we are having we thought we would go for a picnic. Sometimes I forget how awesome it is around here - this is about 5 mins down the road from our house........not bad eh?

(am having a scary moment though, am sat watching Gladiators with little man - gawd, when did I get so old to watch this with my son?!!! he is loving it though!!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

dusting off the blog!

I am sooooo busy I am disappearing up somewhere!! Work is chaos - so many disasters atm ;o( Plus my child's social life is taking over mine, I run from one place to another and when I get to sit down to do some crafting, it's midnight!!! Not complaining though, he is having a ball!

Plus I am coming up to the end of my first year on my PGCE (can you believe that!) and have to do a few presentations etc. Last night I taught a class of twenty 18-20 years olds on Corporate Social Responsibility and also Contingency Planning for 3 .5 hours. I survived and quite enjoyed it tbh! Have alot to learn but hey that's why I am on the course! I also have to deliver a module on Elearning, the pros and I have hand picked certain people I work with and am going to do a Youtube video (obviously have picked all the gorgeous ones ;o)) tomorrow at work. They have all been primed and are going to have nice hair etc lol. And then I have to deliver that all on Tuesday night to my class..........and then I can breath!!

So whilst I won't apologise for not blogging (because I don't think we should apologise x) I will say I miss my friends and I will be back soon...............(you never know by then, Em may have actually finished her E page!) xxx