Sunday, November 30, 2008


Over the last few months I have been soooooooo busy I have not had a chance to do anything! All this time I have had a blog and not really said an awful lot, now I have so much to tell you I don't have time to do it!
So a short recap of what has been happening!
I am still teaching my little teenage darlings, except now I think I have broken through the pain barrier and I (and so it seems them) are now quite enjoying it! I had my graded lesson a few weeks ago, this is when a member of the college turns up and you have no idea when and they
assesses how you teach etc. You are graded 1 - 4, 1 being outstanding (which no-one ever gets), 2 being very good (normal grade for everyone), 3 is average and 4 is poor - you get either of these two and your teaching hours suddenly get reduced lol! Well I have been questionning myself and really struggling with college, so when I got a grade 1 I nearly fainted! I think it helped having two guest speakers from the Fire Service, who were GORGEOUS! Really disliking work atm but I do have an interview for a full time teaching job soon, so fingers crossed!!

Someone has come to live with us...........he is cute, and he is kissy and he is the most annoying pet I have EVER had! I never realised how hard having a puppy is, especially when he is so puppyish!

This is the first day:

And this is today, 4 weeks later:

And I promise, he does not have diamontes on his collar! They are reflective bones and I couldn't get them not to reflect!

I have to say though, I am loving the walks! We go for lots of walks in the day and I am seeing so many things I never knew were there cos I usually drive passed them! Plus I have seen lots of sunrises and sunsets, which I have to say I have never done really before...... I just hope he calms down soon, he is doing my bloody head in!

Erm what else? Ooooooooh I had a birthday, with gorgeous pressies as ever from Sue and Em! Plus I got one of Sue's fabby xmas organisers, although this year she has got a challenge to get me organised! (although we have nearly finished all the pressies, much to Em's disgust!). Stunning card as always from Kathy x

For one of my pressies, I got a Art from the Heart voucher (yeay). So I have booked myself onto the Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle class - quite excited actually! It is a first school book, and I may just be the saddest person to actually be making it for me rather than my child!!! Well, we will see - I may allow guilt to take over and do it for Ollie instead!

Lastly, cos you must be bored by now! Sue and I are doing the 25 days of xmas together. I really wanted to do this as I need to get me doing some crafting again, as I am feeling stressed and I need to chillax as my child says! Plus due to having to give up the 365 (which I am still niggled about lol!) I wanted to at least do some crafty record of the year!

So here is my book. I did not make it too christmassy on purpose as I have soooooooooooo many non-christmas things happening in December (like Ollie's and Tim's birthday's (7 years old OMFG!), birth of Bex's little girl, and teaching stuff - although I did use christmassy colours so it didn't look too out of place! Not up to Sue's standard, but hopefully it will look better when it is full of stuff!

(oh and prizes go to the person who knows where I put my book rings!!!)

(oh and apologies for the messy desk!)

So, nice to see you again, and I'll see you again tomorrow!