Saturday, January 03, 2009

well that went quick!!!

So, since I have last blogged, my baby has turned into a 7 year old! This was at his friends party - the joint one with Jamie, think he liked it ;o)

And we have had xmas and new year!!!

We had a great time, spent with family - as it should be. With it being Ollie's bday the week before, I do brace myself for what he is going to get and where we are going to put it all!!! I think this year is a record!

Of course alot of his pressies seem to have a duel purpose, his dad also seems to be playing with them alot too! Like the scalectrix and some ball bearing roller coaster thing - just translate that into very large(taking up all the room on the table) and noisy!!!

And I met a certain little angel! Her name is Avalon, Ava for short (which also spells out her initials - very clever!) So what is worse, the fact that I was excited because I always have 'v's left in my alphabets (which Sue did also comment on so she is just as bad) and now I can use them all up OR that when I saw her I knew my first page was sorted as her babygrow matched my Blonde moments paper!!!! *blush* or does that just mean that's it, I am a scrapbooker and nothing else?!!

And I am very proud of myself cos I have finished my 25 days. Of course Sue was much cleverer than wot I was and posted photos as she went along! So prepare yourself for tomorrow's post as there may be a few pages to go at ;o)

So, I hope you all had a great xmas and new year and here's to 2009!!!!