Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beady challenge

Here is my beady challenge from CBC. The challenge was to send some beads to a partner and make something with whatever beads you got back.

My partner was the fabby Helen and the beads I got were gorgeous! Pink!!!!

So here is my little effort and thank you Helen. tfl xxx

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bex's Challenge

And here is my attempt at Bex's sketch challenge. Mum and dad's wedding day. tfl xxx

Just for Mel!

Here's my gorgeous 'space' - not finished yet but getting there!!

And yes I know how spoilt I am!

I was going to tidy and get it all showroomy but then that wouldn't be real - so this is my real craft room, worts and all lol!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Been busy!

Sorry haven't been here for a while - just sooooooooooooooooooo busy!!

Last weekend was a very busy one! First at Ollie's swimming lesson I decided to go for it and went in the 'big' pool while he was in the ickle one. I challenged myself to do 10 lengths, but managed 12!! I know it's not a huge amount but for me it is good! And I stressed so much about the old swimming cossy thing, and it wasn't too bad! So my big achievement!

Then it was ANOTHER party! Again at the farm, had a fab time except when I thought I would get some arty animal photos and came across a HUGE bull! We made total eye contact and he started walking towards me, putting his head down. To say I was scared was an understatement!

Then Sunday I worked. Don't usually work on a Sunday but I did an annual disaster test. I made the scenario particularly horrific but they did ok!

Monday was tea at Jamie's house, where Ol blocked the toilet and her DH had to come home and sort it *blush* but the boys had a wonderful time playing and they played really well.

Have got a date for an operation that I need to have - next week! OMG bit short notice but at least it will be over and done with!

Have new round of cj's to play with - fab! Can't show you cos one is Bex's and one is Steph's. Also doing a beady challenge with some gorgeous beads that Helen has sent me and an altering swap from Steph - may just have a Buffy theme ;o)

Friday, April 20, 2007

wow wow wow!

So my friends have proved how beautiful they are {hug}

Tonight 7 girls are taking me out for a meal (chinese my fav!) to cheer me up. I didn't know till 30 mins ago. They have arranged with DH so I can have a fab night out and not worry about my boys!

And then I got home and found a parcel from Steph Nerdbird. So my first thought was 'pants, I forgot to send out the altered swap thing'!!! and then I saw what she had sent me - see below:

It's a book of friendship with lots of gorgeous quotes about friends. And a gorgeous note for me too.

How flippin gorgoeus is that? And how wonderful is Steph?!! So thank you Steph, I love it and I will treasure it - and it worked ;o)

I'm so bloody lucky!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The drs gave me some bad news last night, wasn't what I was expecting so did not have time to prepare! So my reaction was classic and quite scarey tbh! Have had a good cry and Em helped by insulting me (she was soooo rude!!) and Sue has just given me a reality check (which she is very good at) and Carol has just made me psml and pointed out something soooooooooo funny! And have had lots of real and virtual hugs - which is always appreciated! Have been very spoilt at work too, so have had a lovely day there too!

Am feeling the need to be creative as that is my escapism (that and chocolate lol!) so prepare to be bored by my bits and pieces and accept it is how I get through this stuff!!

Good to be part of a loving family and have wonderful friends xxx

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Note to self

Don't bother putting on any more Buffy LO's, the philistines don't understand.............

(I actually quite liked this one - shame no-one bothered to comment on the actual lo! ;o) )

Friday, April 13, 2007

Buffy LO

Here's one of my latest cj lo's - yes sorry all it's a Buffy one!

The subject was Best Worst Bits and we had to do a page about a sad episode. So I did Fred dying, which always makes me cry!

And no, still don't expect you understand!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hello all!

Am just getting ready to go out as Sue is leaving the Stamp Man, so we're all going out for a chinese (my fav!). Am gutted Sue is leaving but will be keeping in touch! Talking of the Stamp Man - I am going to be sorting out a few ATC swaps this weekend................................47!!!! OMG!

Well Life on Mars is finished and I loved every minute! The ending was fantastic!

Am ok with the cj's - just waiting for my next Buffy one and have Bex's to do (which is ace!). All others are done and ready to be posted.

Having a good week and managed to help a friend last night, not that she needs any help ;o)

Other than that not much to report! as you can probably tell lol! so will see ya soon xxx

Sunday, April 08, 2007

And another one - just for Sue!

Believe it or not, Sue and I had a serious conversation tonight on art and our favourite pieces! Sue hates my fav and I hate hers lol! But this one is a take on Dali's Rose Medidative - just for her ;o)

DCM Challenge

Well here is my attempt at this week's DCM challenge - Art Attack!

I dare you to make a card inspired by a work of art. If the original art is out of copyright (this happens when the creator has been dead for 70 years or more) then you may use elements of the original artwork in your piece. Otherwise its inspiration only. Look out for colours, patterns, textures, compositions, shapes or themes that inspire you, and remember to show us the piece of art that inspired you to create so we can see the common ground.

The picture is La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Sir Frank Dicksee. This is my all time fav picture although I do love alot of the Pre Raphaelites. I did own a oil copy of this, was taking it to the framers to be fixed and it was pinched off my backseat ;o( but one day I'll get myself another one!

Apparently my sister always smiles when she sees this piccy cos it reminds her of me!

So thank you DCM - loved this challenge!



Have managed to do two dlo's for two different cj's - feel very relieved as have three sat on my desk atm!!
Here is the Buffy one - dedicated to the girls who rock!

I am quite happy with this although it does look better irl - loads of hidden journalling etc.

This is Primaflower's slef portrait. Had to do 10 things about me, hidden journalling, old and recent piccy.......

And yes I have totally lifted Em's idea of putting the journalling on a tag behind a big bloom - but she did give me permission ;o)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our fun day!

We have had a brill day - me and Ol were tourists for the day and went to the castle (which I have never been to even though I have lived here for 16 years!), walked round the market (which I never do cos I live here!) and then to the Garden Centre to buy some plants. Then we planted them together when we got home.


Book of Me and more

OK - I have faffed about for so long saying I want to do a Book of Me and have waited to be challenged.........but I'm just going to do one (please realise at this point how scarey that is - doing something crafty cos I want to and have not been challenged to!!!) There is a great challenge on UKS which has been going for a while so will be using some of those ideas.

Plus on UKS there is a gorgeous thread about 'What you wish you knew if there was no-one to ask'. Now I am in an incredibly lucky position because I have people here to ask but I am not using this opportunity - so I am going to take the bull by the wotsits and go for it!! Some of the stories on this thread are so sad, and I have good friends who sadly have their own stories to tell............sorry, didn't mean this to get deep and meaningful ;o(

So I am going to do a list of questions to give to Ollie's relatives and godparents to complete. And this is where I need your help!

So far I have:

Where did you grow up?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What was your favourite book as a child?

Who was your favourite pop group?

Who was your first date and where did you go?

How did you meet ?? (enter spouses name here!)

How did they propose?

What was your wedding day like?

What are your happiest childhood memories?

Where were you when you heard I (Ollie) had been born?

So what else would you like to know about your family / friends?

I have to say I feel quite excited about this, not as morbid as I thought it would be! I'm not sure what size to do it on though........6x6 is too small and 12x12 is too big...........8x8 then? lol!

I've also thought about doing letters for people on special days if I am not here for any reason, like Ollie's wedding day, graduation, things I want people I love to know. So there you have it. Now I have told you about it there is no reason not to do it!!

And if you want to join me - that would be fab too!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Long time....

Since my last entry - sorry!!

Loads to tell you so will probably forgot most of it!

Weekend was wonderful, I got an appreciation of how lucky I am and felt all warm and snuggly!!

Bonkers neighbour has apologised for his behaviour last year, so hopefully this summer will be a little less fraught!

Had Ol's parents evening and was told our boy was 'impeccable' - what a dude!

Sister came all the way up to see us for the weekend. She missed us to needed to come over. Have arranged our next trip down to see them so August holiday is booked, plus Natural History Museum, Legoland and camping in the garden with Uncle Robert. Sometimes it is so hard having her 6 hours away but then when I do see her it is more special iykwim!

Have been honest with a friend over something that has been troubling me. She was very cool about it and doesn't hate me - so that's good!

Have been challenged by Sue to do an Ollie-ism page of all my fav quotes from him. A five year old is just a perfect 'ism'. I laughed so much in the car the other morning I had to pull over! And Em has challenged us to do some doodling, so will have a go (although mine just looks terrible!). Might do the two together and if the doodling is too bad I can say Ollie did it lol!

Watched Brokeback Mountain last night. Have never really fancied it but nothing else was on so I thought I'd give it a go. What an amazing film and such a beautiful love story!! Sobbed like a baby too! Hence the reason why I watch tv and films about death and destruction - no need for crying so ridiculously!

Have this week off so doing days out with the monster. And also sorting out the new rooms........haven't got round to doing that yet *blush*. DH wants to go to ikea on Saturday. Yes Easter Saturday!! Am trying to talk him out of that one!

Right, that's all for now. Crafting is drying or being done tonight so may get to show you something soon!

Oh and can I just piont out it is NOT a bug on my round and round lo. It is a knot in the wood, but thank you Kathy. You're right as always, they are very mean to me ;o)