Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Get your sunglasses ready!

Here's my CJ for Anything Goes.................

Monday, January 29, 2007

Amazing people

Are in this world and sometimes my breath is taken away at how gorgeous some people can be!

Firstly, a bit ago I asked for some help with a photo. Well I was contact by someone on CBC to ask if they could help. She took my photo, cleaned it up and did exactly what I wanted - look at this, the first one is the photo I sent to her and the second photo is the one I got back!

I don't think you see on here the amazing difference but the first one has loads of white specs and mess on when you zoom in, now it is all resized, cleaned and black and white with my flowers in colour!

So thank you so much Stephie!! It is perfect! Here is her website to see other amazing stuff she has done!

Then when I don't think Em could get any fabbier she amazes me again!! Last week I was walking into town and it was so cold my nose actually hurt!! So I sent a text to the usual suspects to say how flippin ;o) cold it was! Then Saturday I get a package from Em and she has knitted me an amazing scarf - she says it is the first thing she has knitted but it looks so good, I'm not sure if it is lol!! It is my fav colour and it smells gorgeous! So today I walked into work with my new scarf on and I was warm and toasty!!

So thank you Em {hug}

This weekend we flew into Bristol to go to my aunt's birthday party. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of family hugs and kisses - so all in all, I'm pretty damn chipper xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm back

Thanks everyone for their kinds words and private messages - you're all stars. I'm not going to dwell on the last week but what I will say is anyone who has Frank's 'My Way' at their funeral has to be a total dude! xxx

I have finished my UKS cj and I actually quite like it!! Can't show it to you unfortunately cos the piccies aren't transferring properly but I can show you my LO....

The group is 'Anything Goes' which means there are no rules. Now I thought this was cool to begin with, but it is actually quite hard not to have rules!! We all agreed to do a subject and a colour scheme - mine is I love and is pink and lime. When I download the main cj I will give you advanced warning, as you will need sunglasses!!

Problem is now I have done mine, that is the easy bit!! I also have to do another 10 cj's with no rules - arrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!! How scary is that!

I managed to get something off my chest last night which has been bugging me for a while, amazing how much better it makes me feel - don't know why I don't do it more often!!

I'm away for a bit now - so see ya'll soon bloggers ;o)


Sunday, January 21, 2007

So brave

Iain died yesterday - the bravest kid I know.

You've been released and will suffer no more pain............RIP xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, January 20, 2007

So proud!

Ollie got his first ever swimming certificate today! He has passed level 1 swimming - how proud am I!!!!

Just thought it was blog worthy xxxxxxxxxx


Am a bit calmer now - just at the upset stage ;o)

Have just scanned a load of old photos so will be scrapping with them tonight /'s some to show you before I ruin them!!

This is my fav photo of me and my sister. Apparently this was my usual facial expression!! How could my mother dress me in that hat!!

Mum and dad's wedding day.

Could I be any more curly!!

Me at nursery................ahhhhhhhhhh!

So that's what I'm on with at the mo - any suggestion always welcome ;o) xxxxxx

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've found a cure

for crafters block!

Get angry, really really really angry about something and do some crafting! I've done tons tonight lol!

Not that I like being this angry but sometimes people just get you that way!

Oh well - hope I get this out of my system soon, don't think DH can cope with much more!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some cards

Some quick and easy cards I have done for my boxes, and Sue's Challenge.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Zoo time!

Well Saturday was our trip to the zoo. Fab day as always but very tiring. Two highlights of the day........

1. Chimps having on hell of a fight! It was proper fisticuffs, with shouting and growling and everything!

2. Ol had spent all day being picked on by a little s**t that didn't like him playing with Ewan. So Ollie tried to sit on this stone lion so he walks over to Ol and tells him to get off because Ewan sits there. So Ollie gets up and my heart sinks cos he looks so sad. He comes over for a cuddle, stands up straight, walks back to the lion and sits on it telling the little s**t, to stop being so horrible and he can do what he wants to do!! I was soooooooooo proud of him!! He is such a softie and for him to stand up for himself was fab to see!

Please see evidence here ;o)

And also looking forward to scrapping this one!

So Em - I took my camera and took some photos! (there are some of me but they won't be going on here, I didn't realise my skin was so bad atm!!)

On a works subject, tonight I have been managing our call tree test and I am still amazed at how many people fail these tests!! They are told to take their department plans home with them and they still don't!! Well I am gonna kick some butt tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And just to prove I do sometimes do beading!

Well I never knew it did that!

I've just found somewhere to put my digital camera memory card into my laptop!! So I can show you some of the things I've done in the last few months.......

The first one is my entry into Em and Carol's Scrapbooking challenge:

You can't actually tell but the flowers have been cut out and put on as 3D's - spent ages doing that and you can't see them lol!!

The next lot are the bits and pieces I did for Sue and Doug's wedding:

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Funny thing happened to me today.......

As the saying goes!! I was just driving to pick Ollie up from school and 'the' song comes on Steve Wright which I dread hearing...........Spirit in the Sky by Dr and the Medics. Within seconds I am blubbing and have to pull over!!

Story behind this!

When we were 13, one of our school friends, Justine fell off her horse and hit her head. Went into a coma and took months to leave us. Now at 13 that is pretty horrific (mind you horrific at any age!!). So our head of year Mrs Joyce says, to get us all back together and to say, well you know, we'll have a big school disco.

So we all went into the hall and she had decorated it all out for us and it was fab. Then the dj puts that bloody song on! Now anyone who has listened to the words will know what a bombshell this would have been! We spent hours just crying and hugging each other - which in hindsight was a good thing cos we all 'let it out'.

But 21 years later (bloody hell 21 years!) that song still affects me soooooooooo much! My school friend got married 5 years ago and half way through the night the dj put this on and was told very quickly to get that flipping (;o)) song off!

SO that has got me thinking and woo hoo here comes a challenge blog friends!

What is the song which affects you most? Good or bad?

Don't feel you have to share why - but I would love to know your song.......

Consider yourself tagged;o) Tell me when you answer!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Been creative!

I've been very creative tonight - woo hoo!!

I've done FOUR cards for Susan's template challenge, started my 'All about me' tags for my UKS team challenge of a tag book (very scary!!) and tidied my room!

I then spent a fab bit of time going through my digital photos to chose which ones I am going to use for Em's challenge. I realised what a busy 2006 we had! I chose a school photo, a legoland photo and an extension building work photo. Got them all ready to print and ppooooffff goes the printer / scanner grrrrrr.

So now I can't scan the challenge cards or print my photos for the challenge! But Boots have just installed one of those photo printing thingies where you take in your memory card - sure there's a proper term for them ;o) so I'll be making a fool of myself in there tomorrow lol! We have an old scanner in the loft, so guess where DH is going tomorrow night.

Plus I decided I needed more paper if I'm going to restart this scrapping thing, so I spent all my vouchers on 12x12 paper from The Stamp Man and spent a fab 20 mins in my room filing my papers in my paper trays.......but it is all Em's fault so if DH starts moaning I'm gonna blame her! Then next month I'm gonna blame Carol ;o)

So hopefully tomorrow I can show you some of my efforts.

Hope all my blogging friends are ok and happy.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ikea on a Saturday?!!

Yes, we did Ikea today - during a sale and on a Saturday! We went to look at a corner unit and new dvd stands. We realised when we got outside that we hadn't looked at either lol! It was very busy and people were getting very stressed in the car park! How do people get so irrate going shopping - chill out dudes!

and you know that spare guest room that was going to be decorate beautifully, probably with Laura Ashley stuff and all girly? Yeah, we bought some toy chests today and have moved all the clutter into there ;o( BUT at least the toys are all out of my front room woo hoo! Christmas stuff is now all in the loft too. Why is it that the decs are only out for 2-3 weeks of the year but when they go your room seems so big and empty?! Love it when they've gone.

I've been doing quite a bit of crafting lately. I have been really struggling with a friend's bday pressie. I always make her jewellery so this year I wanted to do something different. Have tried to do quite a few different things that have mostly ended up in the bin lol! Well I just sat down last night and had a strike of creativity lol! All done and dusted now! Hope she likes it! I can't show it to you yet, but I will do next month xx

I was starting to get a bit upset about one thing in my life but I've had a good think about it and I'm going to just stand back and see what happens. And now I have made that decision, things don't seem so bad lol! I am a silly bugger sometimes!

ATC stuff is going well for the Stamp Man. Some of the cards sent to me are flippin amazing. There is one lady who as soon as I see her writing on the envelope, I get so excited cos her cards are really stunning.

OK STOP PRESS - I am sat at my dining table watching my 5 year old picking up his toys and putting them in his toy chest. woo. am in shock!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just to keep Em quiet

Here's a little update!

Happy christmas and New Year!! I had such an ace time - I forgot about my little blog - sorry!! I got very spoilt and got amazing pressies. I got quite choked up by the end of the day cos all my things were just perfect. And my sister and bil came up too so we had a full family christmas. Ollie loved it!!

He was poorly for his birthday but he made up for it at chrimbo! We used to have a spare room, which in my perfect world was going to be a lovely 'guest room' that all my friends could come up and stay with me.........yeah that ain't gonna happen! It's full of thousands of toys at the moment! How much stuff does a 5 year need for goodness sake! And how many types of dinosaurs were there?!! I just figured a Trex is a Trex................nooooooooooooooooo! He is such an expert! He couldn't talk very well last year due to his stammer but he could name every type of dinousaur!

Work is good. It seems my new boss is a fab boss! I actually got a christmas pressie this year! And he phones me up to see if I am ok and if there is anything I need him for ! I am not alone anymore! Woo hoo! Today I started my fav task which is to plan which disaster I am going to inflict on my senior management team. This year we will mostly be dealing with a severe snow storm and loss of heating - nice!!

And one of my bestest friends is starting IVF for the third time, after two succesful attempts (the bestest boys in the world after mine) we may have another to add! I have ordered a pink one this time, we need more girlies!!

I was starting to feel a bit down but then I had a MSN conversation last night which was so fantastic - I feel wonderful today! Ain't friends great!!!

Well, there you go - not really worth waiting for but trust me, when Em gets a bee in her bonnet it is just easier to do what she tells you!!

See you soon (promise ;o))