Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just to make Sue chuckle

It's been a whirlwind!

Wow - where has all that time gone?!

So what have I been up to.................? Ollie had his 6th bday. Had two parties (thinks he's the queen!). Had a friend's one at Fun Planet which is a fun factory type of place. Fab for me - you arrive, give them the cake and you see the kids in two hours time! Stress free, how can anyone complain?!! (having hosted his 4th one at home with party games and bags etc I have always vowed I would NEVER do that again!). And then he had the family party, which is at home but luckily we don't have to play party games ;o)

(picture of the gorgeous Alice, wearing a dress just for me - how lush is she?!)
As well as a guitar (thanks grandad!) and lots of other toys, he also got a rabbit called Joe. Our neighbour breeds show pedigree rabbits and we were going to have a baby one that was 'not up to show standard' (which Em thought was very funny!) but in the end he gave us a show one! So when we told people we had a bunny (including the vet) we were asked when the second one was joining us...............apparently they get lonely as they are pack animals. So Fred then joined us (and again he gave us a pedigree - very norty neighbour!) Already have fabby personalities - Joe is a maniac! For anyone who has watched Over the Hedge, our Joe is just like Hammy! Fred is very quiet and shakes alot! We did have an introduction but that ended rather badly so we are taking our time now! I do openly admit I am now a bunny groupie - they are sooooo cool!! Pictures to follow shortly, as I keep forgetting!
And then I got my first assignment back from college - a pass woo hoo!
And then chrimbo! I have had a great time. We all went to mum and dad's for the day (after going to the outlaws in the morning). Gail and Robert came up so it was a real family thing. I got some amazing pressies! A bind it all (which I thought I was going to get as we were discussing a cj I have and he mentioned that it would look better if it was spiral binded - like he would know anything like that without having to go onto a site and order one lol!). He did also buy me a BIA tote bag, tons of spare wires and tool kit from a lovely lady who he was on the phone to for an hour and a half - she so saw him coming eh? ;o) I also got lots of perfume, jewellery, crafty stuff, tickets to see Strictly at Manchester, cd's, etc etc. I also got a gorgeous set of pressies from Sue all the way from Florida - love her! I got a Elsie star book, multi coloured rings for my cj's, a beautiful magnet to match my bday mini canvas AND a christmas 2007 scrapbook, which I just have to add the photos!!! Tis gorgeous xxx
So here are some photos from the day:
This is just Ol's pile! He is in there somewhere!
And these are the rest of ours - or at least some of them! Did I mention we go a bit ott when it comes to chrimbo pressies!!!
Then we have the necessary sleeping after lunch piccies ;o) sorry uncle Robert and Auntie Gail lol!

Then Boxing Day we went for our usual meal, which involves a full cooked all day breakfast (which makes you feel very sicky afterwards!).
Back to work today, but managed to get half of a MASSIVE assignment done so am feeling very good. Other half hopefully will be finished tomorrow!
My friends may have noticed that I didn't send any cards out this year - SORRY! But I had lots of beady orders to do, so needed to foucs on them. BUT I am going to send Carol a cheque for the doggies as a donation. Hope that is ok with everyone - you know I think you are all wonderful and wished you a very merry chrimbo xxxxx

Friday, December 07, 2007

How rude

Why do all my non crafty friends think this is hysterical?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

much going on!

I have so much going on at the moment I don't have time to catch my breath!

I was assessed yesterday at work by my tutor, which was terrifying! I had two one hour sessions and the first one was fantastic. Of course I invited my tutor to the second one, which was full of dullards who would not join in! She said I did really well considering and I got really good am happy!

Erm.....what else? Oh dh had the job of tooth fairy tonight and he did it so well! (except I did send him back in cos he was a cheap yorkshire accountant so he was told to add to it ;o) )

Oooooooh he has a Man U fan in his secret santa and he has got together a load of quotes on pages (all very sarcastic as he is a Liverpool fan!), photos and embellishments.................hands up who thinks this sounds like a scrapbook? of course he is completely denying it!

Have rec'd my uks Buffy cj back and it is fab. Will scan it soon.

Just getting together a jewellery order for a fabby friend - have enjoyed doing beadies again.

Am also making a couple of chrimbo pressies, one of which I am happy with and one I am HATING! And of course the one I am hating is the one I have to send soon cos she is going away - so because SHE is going on her jollies I am getting stressed and grumpy, so yey thanks posh bird!

AND to add to that I got a reminder that the Magikal mystery tour cj next posting is tomorrow and I am nowhere near finished. Now Sue suggested I asked Em for an excuse, cos quite frankly her excuses are fantastic! So when I texted her to ask for a spare one..................well lets just say I was SHOCKED at her response! very rude!