Wednesday, September 26, 2007

nah nah nah nah nah!

well I went back to school last night and we had to present our homework as a lesson, so of course the tutor paired me with the 'why are you on this course as you're not a real teacher' git. Well it turned out the homework he had done was completely crap and I had to do it all myself! He did say thank you to me when it was all over - so I guess being just a trainer ain't so bad ;o)

Today is our 9th wedding anniversay and I got a gorgeous bunch of flowers delivered to work - so he ain't so bad!!

Am worrying about a couple of friends who are sad, very proud of the other ones xxx

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sad baby

well my boy has finally accepted that Casper has gone, he spent the last two hours sobbing uncontrolobly (cannot spell that word!). He was mostly upset because he thought Casper had decided he didn't love him so he went to live with someone else.

Well, I did mention that Casper might be in heaven now, which caused more sobbing but I think it eventually helped because he said he was sad but he was ok cos he was somewhere good.

Did I do the right thing?

Sneaky peak

Here is a sneaky peak of my Friends cj................can't see anymore at the moment cos it may spoil the surprise lol!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Day

So today is a new day!

Not much has really happened today, I did my homework (although I take offense that Sue questioned whether I did it while I was meant to be working! as if I would!), my big sister Carol sorted out my other issues and Em also threatened to kill them!

My garden is finished and it looks amazing. Will post piccies tomorrow. I did send my 5 year old out into the cold and rain to take some photos for me but quite frankly they were very poor want a job doing and all that ;o)

Was just reading Steph's blog about her 'Mum' cj, which is gorgeous by the way! So am feeling all creative: so after a certain person's bedtime story (which will probably have something to do with a cat and a hat!!) I will be pottering..............and then I'll realise it is time for Hereos and have to leave it all for another day!

I have most of my cj layed out for my friends one but I only have one page of the BG papers that I'm going to use - grrrrrr, so may have to pop into a stampy shop tomorrow.

So, sorry for my strop yesterday but in my usual style have now got over it, realised those people don't matter and moved on - with a little help............................xxxx

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beautiful people cancel out ignorant ones!

Today 3 seperate occaisions have shown me how rude and ignorant people can be, you offer to do something in addition to your usual mad life and you are criticised for the amount of time it takes for you to do it, someone else thinks they have the right to question something you have created (and something that you are very proud of) and another person (who starts off the discussion as don't take this the wrong way - which generally means they are about to insult you!) questions something that you are working hard to achieve.

So to say today meant that I had had enough and was ready for ripping someone apart would be an understatement!

And then I opened a parcel from Sue, which contained a Student Survival Kit, there were lots of bits and pieces to get me through my studies. All of which made me cry! Especially the last bit cos I felt like a piece of s**t and Sue made me realise that I wasn't one!

So I packed my satchel (as DH calls it!) with my Em special notebook and pencil case and Sue's Survival Kit and skipped off to school.

Then I realised how much hard work this is going to take and at one point I had decided I was out of my league. The majority of the class are already teaching and lecturing so they were all giving examples etc. It then transpired that I wasn't employed as a lecturer and I worked within business and I wanted to be a teacher. So at this point one of my classmates pointed out that he thought this was a course for teacher qualifications not for just trainers. So the confidence dived big time...................then the tutor pointed out yes it was a course for teacher training and that I had got on the course on my own merit and she just wanted to point out that a) I was the highest educated person in the room, b) I had chosen to take this course whereas they were being forced to and c) I had more real life experience because I work in a senior management position and I am responsible for teaching thousands of people my specialist subject! So I am now the most hated person on the course and do you know what - I am going to prove to every one of those stuck up gits that I can do this course and teaching and training is the same thing!

And then I came out of the lesson and had 2 texts from Sue and Em both asking about the quality of the men on the course - I think Em questioned the 'fodder'! Funny they both focused on the snogability!

So I learnt alot today. One making a decision that I made last week to resign from something incredibly special to me was so the right thing to do (mainly due to the ignorance of a select few people), I am not going to put up with unecessary criticism from people who don't even know me and MOST IMPORTANTLY I have the best family and friends ever who I know will support me to the end and I will get this done!

I am about to join in with a special CJ and I am so looking forward to it because they are the best circle of friends EVER!

And my DH, parents and baby are so behind me - how can I not do it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back to school

Well this week (Tuesday) sees me going back to college to do a Post Grad Certificate in Education and I have to confess I got the wobbles last week. I was thinking I have taken on WAY too much, that I struggle to meet all my bits and pieces and there is no way I could add this on top of my already manic life!

And then I got a parcel from Em, she has made me a pencil case (complete with pencils, sharpener, ruler etc) and a altered notebook in true Em style ie ribbons EVERYWHERE! So now I am thinking I could actually do this...............and when I get the wobbles again I'll read the message inside my notebook xxx

I'll post some piccies soon.

Thank you Em - you really are wonderful x

On a side, someone at work mentioned a while ago about whether I watched 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' and I have to admit it has always seemed quite cheesy to me but I thought well I'll give it go. Well I am loving it! Especially one last night, about one of the strongest, bravest and worthy women I have ever seen - so yes it is cheesy but it is fab and leaves you all warm and fluffy (and tired from the amount of sobbing lol!).

AND my dream garden is nearly finished! We got Colin back to rip out the last bit and redo it, so on Tuesday I will have (oopps sorry) WE will have a perfect finished garden - with a POND! Never had one before so am very excited! Plus the front will be finished, so we will look all finished.

Meds are going well, I can now take one lot at work without going all funny so that's progress! Just wish the weird and very realistic dreams would stop! They're not on the side effects list!

OK have to go, it's getting to reveal time on Extreme Makeover so need to get the tissues ready ;o)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Clearing the backlog!

I managed to get two of my UKS cj's finished, the first one is 'Pretty in Pink'. I did my Ipod, layered the photos onto some vellum, you lift the flaps up and I have written all the cd's that I have downloaded onto it. (except you can't see it very well on the scan!)

And this is a Buffy one, for the Dark Arts. I decided to do Fred and Illyria - quite chuffed with the last photo as I split the two down and made one face.......

So with them finished I can get going on a completely terrifying and scarey cj ;o)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

just to say


Monday, September 10, 2007

I am a patchwork quilt!!

OK - stay with me on this one!! Following on from Em's journal for her mum, I have been thinking about how I can do something similar. Thinking about mine, I decided not to dedicate this to my mum alone, and get other people to have some input. Then I was thinking about a quilt my mum was making and how there were lots of different sections of patchwork and when you put them all together, they make a quilt.

So this is the basis of my journal. All the special people in my life are the bits of patchwork - and when you put them together they make me, the quilt! Yeah I know - very out there but it sounded ok in my head!!

Here's the intro - might make the mush a bit clearer *blush*

I am a Patchwork Quilt!!

I believe that people are moulded by two things. One is their life experience, things that happen to them to make them react in their individual ways.

The other is the people who are in their lives. Now we all have lots of people in our lives that make our days brighter, ask how we are, make us worry etc but there is a group of people who make us the people who we truly are. Without these people, you would not feel whole.

These people are the individual pieces of patchwork, and when they are put together they make me, the quilt!

The purpose of this album is to find out about my pieces of patchwork. Who they are, what is their relationship to me, why are they so important to me. They have been provided with a number of questions, and their answers will make the overall quilt…….me!

This is my heirloom because this is who I truly am, due to the people who I love in my life.

And here is my book. It is a 7Gypsies one, and the flap at the end lifts as an envelope so all the answers from my patchwork people are stored on their individual pages......AJH is just an example (is DH) and the others are being completed over time. oh and the quilt of the front page is a piece of patchwork that I pinched from Mum's sewing room ;o)

sorry about the quality of scanning!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gummy Bear!

We had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night! I made him a little box a couple of weeks ago so we were all ready...................apart from when it came out and we only had little bits of change so we had to scrap together some money. So he got £3.50 for his first tooth and it'll be £1 for the others.

I'll show you a photo tomorrow xx

Monday, September 03, 2007

A rash promise!!

A while ago me, Em and Sue were chatting about Em's amazing journal (see below)

So we made a promise that if Sue made one, then I would make one!! Apparently she has finished it now (not that I have seen any evidence yet!) So went to Stamp Man today to get my no excuses lol!

I may be some time ;o)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Can't wait to scrap these!

Here are some more piccies of Legoland, these are the ones that you get from the rides - worth every penny imho (plus I never paid rofl!)

The pills are starting to take effect now, I can tell my body is no longer craving the insulin but it is a very odd sensation!

And I have pretty much accepted that Casper isn't coming back *sob*. Lots of people have said that with cats apparently, they know when they are going to die and they go off and find somewhere to go to sleep. I really like this idea, mainly cos we are surrounded by gorgeous Yorkshire Dales and if he did go off then he went somewhere lovely to sleep. And even if this is rubbish it's still a nice idea!