Monday, May 28, 2007

Just not fair ;o(

Well you remember the baby card I made last week for my friend? Well baby Alice is not doing good, not good at all.........and I was very worried, then very sad and now I am in the angry stage.

She is a new born baby, not someone who has made a choice or something like that so why is she suffering so badly? Who know's.........

But I have made an offer to look after their little boy (who is autistic) as he is living with grandma and grandad (who are both over 70!). I am now feeling a bit overwhelmed as not sure I can handle him but Ol is very excited and I know he will help alot.

An autistic son and now this, for the most wonderful loving couple I have met - now where is the justice in that?

Sorry - am mad! I even prayed last night, hope He was listening and can help our little girl.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

couple more

Here are the last of my LO's from Sue Big Challenge.

This one is one I have wanted to do for a while. The wording is from a Karen Foster 12x12 rub on and when I saw it I knew exactly which photo to use!!

This one is about my god children. I don't like it and at some point will re-do it.........when I have had a chance to walk away! There is journalling inside the invite (which is the invite for Max's christening) about that the is no bigger honour than for someone to ask you to be their children's god parent and that the vows I made to them I will promise to keep. Sorry - I do feel very strongly about being a god parent *blush*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some more

I am slowing down a bit cos I am struggling with a LO and it is really doing my head in!!!

But here is what I have done tonight:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Challenge Updates

(This is for Alice who was born today {hug}



Yes dear

Do you know a long time ago some men had an arguement and they had a war in aeroplanes.

Really dear

Yes mummy and they dropped bombs on each other

Oh dear

Yes and they were stink bombs and that is why people had to wear those masks on their faces.

So there you have it, WWII and the Battle of Britain was all about stink bombs and that's what the gas masks were for - you gotta love being 5!

(My fav is still, mummy, you know that Jesus man..............well he has the whole world in his hands you know!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Big Challenge - Day 2!

Well here are my entries for the next set of challenges!

Apologies for the naff piccies and for anyone under 30, I appreciate that you won't have a clue what the last piccy is about lol!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Challenge 1

and we're off! This is the card for Sue's first challenge.

Use a buckle.

(sorry for state of scanning *blush*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

How many?!

Have picked up the next lot of Stamp Man ATC we don't have a forum, and it's only advertised on the website.................

67!!!! 67 flippin swaps!!!!

Wish me luck - I may be some time ;o)


Monday, May 14, 2007

I've been tagged!

Kathy has tagged me to write 5 - 10 reasons why I blog........

This is a hard one! Ermmmmmmm

  • If something exciting has happened and I want to tell all my friends.
  • If I have anything to show you that I have made.
  • If my boy has done something that needs reporting.
  • If I have watched something that has made me mad (ie Eurovision!).

errmmmmmm - can't think of anything else!!!

  • actually no that's not true, reading other peoples blogs inspire me to do mine.

ermmmmm that's it really Kathy I'm afraid! Other than I enjoy doing it and especially when I go back and read what I did a few months ago..........ooooooh that's another one!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Look at my Ollie!

Look at what Carol has made for me!!! We agreed to swap a photo and scrap it for each other - how the bloody hell do I follow this?!!

Thank you Carol - I love it (and even DH said WOW!!)


Flippin Eurovision!!

Something has to be done about this flippin political voting!! Bloody ridiculous!

But hurrah for Ireland and Malta - phew!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Woo hoo!

Had my interview today for starting my Post grad course in Sept. Think it went ok, will find out in a few weeks time.

And am now watching the Eurovision semi finals - god I love eurovision! Have watched it since I was a child, start to finish.......and I don't care how much my family and friends take the mickey - I LOVE EUROVISION! And yes it is a lifelong ambition to go to a final!!! Go go Scooch! (although am loving Greece, Sweden and Spain but don't understand Ukraine)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steph's Buffy Box

Well here is the altered box for Steph. This is a fantastic altered swap hosted by Mel on CBC. I have really enjoyed this swap - even if it was a bit stressful lol!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Challenge 2

Here is my LO for Nicky's challenge.

This is not my usual style but I am quite happy with it! I really want to put something in the bottom right corner but I am trying to resist as I think the paper says it all!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baby Nerdbird

Phew, now we all know I can say hellooooooooooo to Oliver George, who arrived this morning.

Welcome to the world and thanks for giving me a great excuse to baby craft!


Ps well done mummy and daddy, and congratulations to big brother Will!


At the moment I shove all my photos in a scrappy box, so I decided to tart up a WH Smiths box.

Here it is so far, my next job is to do inserts to file the photos.......

AND I have just had a VERY exciting text and I want to tell everyone but I can't - how hard is that going to be!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Scrapbooking Day!!

Had a fab day. Was taken to Topaz Crafts, met Dawn Bibby. Was happy until DH was overheard saying and I quote 'hey it's that woman off the tele, you know the one you don't like'!!! So he had to spend lots of money on stash - just to make up for embarressing me lol!

Also did another 12 lengths at swimming but I paced myself better this week, so am not so knackered now!

Anyhoo, have been a bit creative tonight. Here are two challenges from Bex.

The first one is a colourwheel challenge, we had to go to a website and spin the colour wheel and use the colours given. Mine were pink (phew!), blue and black:

There is journalling under the picture which says: This picture was taken because we thought we were going to lose Rushka (the dog!) and mum did not have any photos of her - so we decided to have some proper photos taken of her and she loved every minute of it!!!!! She lasted another 2 years after these pictures!'

The next one is a page dedicated to someone who I admire. This had to be Carol - the journalling says why.

Two down - few more to do xxx

Friday, May 04, 2007

been playing!

Thank you everyone for your kind words, mean alot xxx

Well today I have been playing. Have been meaning to do a little something for a while and here it is!

My next job is to do index cards for it so I can organise my photos.......bets on whether I get round to doing those!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hello! I have wondered whether I should blog what has happened to me over the last couple of days .............. I'm not going to go into too much detail cos after all this is a world wide web but *deep breath*

I went into hospital the other day for an operation. I was put on the waiting list 6 months ago, having received all the counselling. I also had my pre op assessment last week which confirmed I was ok to have the op. I had several panic attacks the night before the op, worst one came when Mel and Carol were nice to me on msn and I could not stop crying! I fasted from 9.00pm and had a terrible nights sleep (well lack of sleep!).

Then that morning I went to hospital, terrifyed. Bloods taken, many discussions with drs and consultants and got changed to go to theatre.

Then I was told I was too overweight to have the op and they had decided to cancel it.

So I had to get dressed and was asked to go home, lose weight and come back in 12 months time!

Yesterday I was upset and felt very humilitiated. My friends generally checked on me every hour on the hour! and they got me through the day. Dh was completley perfect and sister was fab too.

Today I have woken up angry. Very angry. Not that I wasn't allowed the op, not that I may not have the second thing I really want, but I was put through so much and they were the ones who said I should have this op in the first place!!!

So I hit my room and got creative, altered a clock for Sue's big challenge (can't show you!) and Steph's Buffy cj box (can't show you!) and Bex's cj (yeah you've guessed it!!).

But one other thing I did was to scan some old baby photos, which has really helped me today. This is why I am getting over it and moving on, and this is why I am one of the luckiest people I know.