Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Leo's pressie

Well my aim for 2011 is to make pressies for special people in my life, and here is the next one. It is for Leo's 1st birthday pressie. He didn't seem all that bothered, but his mum liked it ;o)

I am just finishing off my sister's birthday pressie - but I can't put it on here yet in case she see's it!
Next for me is to start my Disney scrapbook....have all the photos and papers etc, just need the energy!
My exciting news has paid off! I have been asked by my work to design and deliver a scrapbooking course. Not intimidating at all then?!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy busy busy!

So I gave my friends their canvases and they loved them! Felt all warm and fuzzy, especially as there wasn't any reason for them so they weren't expecting them! So I am continuing with the 'making something for something just because....' theme. My next one is going to be a wedding keepsake box. However, when I asked her to tell me what her colours were I got:

Its all retro/vintage 'make do and mend' so all the Cath Kitson floral colours, without the red. xx

OMG - how am I supposed to use that information?!!!

Mum has now got a gorgeous little puppy called Lilly. She is sooooo cute, I was quite tempted to pinch her! This is her and Ollie having their first afternoon together!

Dad calls her Lilo Lil which has not gone down well - but we think the name might stick!

Here is a birthday card I have made (SHOCK HORROR!). We have a rota at work for birthday cards and the last person buys the next persons card. Except I made mine. Have to say I did go a bit over the top!!

So I have some exciting prospects coming up - going along the 'don't wait for your doors to open - just knock the bloody things down yourself' philosophy!!! I have a meeting tomorrow, so I may have some good news soon!!!

Friday, January 07, 2011


I have been very thoughtful over the last week or so about my friendships. I am very lucky to have some great 'virtual' friends, who are crafty, fun and real in every sense! And I make things for them and chat to them all the time. But as I have been making my December book I realised how many wonderful friends I have in my life, here in 'real life'!! One of my virtual friends has really upset me and I have spent a long time worrying and trying to think what I have done to deserve the treatment, and then a friend who I see everyday got me some flowers the other day, just because I went to pick her up from the station cos it was cold.....and this got me thinking. I really do not appreciate the people I see everyday, who hug me, make me laugh / cry / dance / sing etc etc. I completely take them for granted, and I shouldn't! I love my virtual friends and so I am lucky to have both kinds!

And then I went onto my Facebook page and looked at all the people I have on there, and some of them I dread updating their status because they are always so negative or moany! and others I really disliked them at school! and some I can't even remember from school - so I removed them! It is soooooo liberating!

So I have made a promise (not a resolution cos I NEVER keep them!) to spoil my friends and show them how much I appreciate them. So I have made 4 of my friend's a canvas each. We met up over christmas, stayed in and ate too much and it was fantastic! Scarily I have known these women in total 55 years!! We have gone through births, deaths and marriages (and a couple of divorces too!) and I am very lucky to have them! I made one of them a quilt, but other than that they have only ever had cards from me......which is rude! One of them has a card I made her 5 years ago on her bookshelf....so hopefully she can update that now!

So now I am off to make something else for someone else...... don't know what or who yet!

Monday, January 03, 2011

ABC Update

It seems I haven't updated the last of my ABC pages. I am sad we didn't end the journey together, but I am glad I have done this. I just have X and V to go. X I keep thinking of xmas. I do have another one I want to do but it means getting staged photos and I'm not a huge fan of that so I think it will be xmas.....and V I have no idea!! All I can think of is Very >>> lucky or happy or something like that!
These aren't in order, so sorry for that!
Z was easy for me, I knew as soon as we started this what I was going to do for Z. For my 30th my sister got me a zoo keeper for a day pressie at Chester Zoo. This is me feeding the lemurs.
These are practice shots my hubby did when he got his new camera - love them!
A bit of a cheat here - N for 1972 lol! The tags say what happened in 1972 (apart from me being born!).

This is a page for my paternal side. These are pictures from my mum and dad's wedding day, with my dad, Uncle Ernie and Grandad.

This was a fav picture, taken in France with hubby trying to convince Ollie to get in the water. Now we can't keep him out!

This is one of my fav pictures of the Lakes. The page is on an acetate sheet but you couldn't see that in the original photo!

So any ideas for V would be VERY much appreciated! ;o)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Days of December book

(Monty just trying to help!)

And my first christmas card of 2011 - for Hazel's challenge.

Happy New Year

Hello! Thought I would dust off my little blog - one of my resolutions!
Have had a great few months. Now work in a fantastic team that make it a pleasure to go into work - am very happy there. Also, I have got my mojo back BIGTIME! Can't stop crafting at the moment! I am currently doing 25 days of December book. This is my third one and I do love going back and reading my others. I am doing it on my own this year, so I was worried that I wouldn't finish it but I am on day 18 and itching to go back into my room! Plus I am a bit chuffed as I have not bought anything new to do it, it is all existing stash so feels even better! One thing it has made me appreciate is how much time I spend with people I care about - almost every day is a day filled with smiles and hugs. I know this is the case, but to see it in a scrapbook makes it even better iykwim!! I have also got a list of to do's, including some canvases for friends, sewing projects and scrapbooking. Just a shame I have to work cos it does get in the way sometimes!

Since August I have been going to Slimming World. I never thought I would enjoy it so much - I love cooking (who'dve thought!) and have lost 2.5 stone so far! Another one of my resolutions is to walk alot more. There is no point living in the Yorkshire Dales and visiting the Lakes every weekend to not make the most of it! We have done two walks so far, one to the moors and one around Embsay res. I have to say, I have not found it too hard - so the loss is paying off already!
These are some piccies from Embsay Res, man it was bloody cold! The first one is Yorkshire's version of pebble skimming! The ice sounded really weird, the noise echoed round the whole res - very eerie.

And this was our walk yesterday - up on the moors, again flipping cold!

This is my first ever beacon touch - felt very proud to do that one!
So, here we are - crafting and walking, and life is gooood!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Resurrection!!!

OMG! I'm never blogging again am I?!!

I can't even begin to tell you about my last year, it has been one hell of a journey! So I started the teaching thing and struggled to be honest. I loved the Higher Education stuff but found the teenage level really testing. Now don't get me wrong, they were nice kids but to have them all in a group (or pack more like!) and constantly having to say 'turn off Facebook', 'stop arguing', 'why are you late', where have you been', 'stop swearing' etc etc etc - well you get the picture! The lack of respect just astounded me tbh! And it wasn't just to me, in fact they probably showed me more respect than some of the other teachers! Apparently I was the cooooool teacher!

Plus I came from a close, team who worked well together......to a team which tbh I was never going to fit in. I tried but I failed!

After a while it really started to affect me. I haven't slept for months, I am STRESSED like I have never been before and quite frankly I was becoming a really horrible person! No crafting has taken place, I haven't even read a book in a year - which I really missed! I was snappy at my men ....and on and on!

So at christmas I had two weeks off and by Boxing Day I was worrying about work - and that was it! I decided enough was enough and I couldn't go on any longer! Plus a good ole chat with Sue helped! I rang my old job but apparently I am too highly qualified now! So I waited and the perfect job was advertised at work. I applied and I got it! Tbh I am so relieved - like I said to hubby, I wasn't actually sure what would happen if I didn't get it!

Yesterday was my last day teaching the teenagers. I was so humbled by them - they got me cards and a big cake. Now these are 16 and 17 year old boys and girls who went out and got me cards - so I was taken aback! The Support Assistant also got me the most gorgeous brooch, I may even break the habit of a lifetime and wear a brooch! or is it broach?! anyway....of course no-one wish me luck from my team but that just confirmed I was doing the right thing!

So as of Monday, I am a Project Manager for the college. I am looking after a project that gets the long term umemployed in inner cities back into work through training......very very excited! I feel like I have been given a new lease of life and the weight of the world has gone! I am going to go in positive and ready for action and I cannot wait. And I still get to teach the degree level students - so best of both worlds!

I even went on an Art from the Heart course during the week. Claudine Hellmuth was guest staring and it was really good fun. It was like the start of the new me, and I got to be all creative and got paint in my hair again! I really had a fun day - although according to Dyan we are care in the community!

How very rude!

Some friendships have suffered over the last 12 months, but I guess if they didn't make it through the tought times - it was never really a friendship after all! Plus I have made new friends through the teaching.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad - I did have some good times. But I have seen what a nervous breakdown can do to a person, and I wasn't going to let that happen!

So here I am again - same old me, just a few more grey hairs (well tons more if I'm honest!).

Tomorrow I am going on a quilting course. I mentioned in passing to my mother that I fancied trying to learn how to use my sewing machine and next thing I know I am on a sewing course making a quilt over 3 one day lessons! I hope I like it now!! I have to take all my stuff and sit with people who I really hope are not experts! It does say that it is for beginners but their version of beginner may be alot different than mine! I may have to rebook an AFTH course just to help with the confidence level!

Thanks for reading the drivel, sorry if I have let you down this past year (which I probably have at some point!) and it is very nice to see you again! Right am off for a blog-hop - I think I may be some time!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I love Dy!

Well today was an Art from the Heart day, to celebrate my end of course.

So here is what we did, and I have to say I loved every minute of it (was very quiet and subdude today but still loved it!).

We were meant to put an image in the corner, you know the ones with the photo head and
stamped body - but tbh they scare the hell out of me! So I left a space, but I do know what I am putting in there!

Spending the day with Dy always amazes me, she is so incredibly talented and brilliant - and has so much to give..........it really is wonderful spending time there (and I don't think she knows how much we all do!)

So I was give the visa card and told to 'treat' myself (which I did obviously cos it would be rude not to!) and got gorg 7 Gypsies stuff and I have succumbed to grunge board - never used it till today but yes I am in love!

So got the visa today and being treated to an indian tonight..........wonder what he has done ;o)

So Torchwood part 2 tonight - god I have missed Captain Jack!