Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just to make Sue chuckle

It's been a whirlwind!

Wow - where has all that time gone?!

So what have I been up to.................? Ollie had his 6th bday. Had two parties (thinks he's the queen!). Had a friend's one at Fun Planet which is a fun factory type of place. Fab for me - you arrive, give them the cake and you see the kids in two hours time! Stress free, how can anyone complain?!! (having hosted his 4th one at home with party games and bags etc I have always vowed I would NEVER do that again!). And then he had the family party, which is at home but luckily we don't have to play party games ;o)

(picture of the gorgeous Alice, wearing a dress just for me - how lush is she?!)
As well as a guitar (thanks grandad!) and lots of other toys, he also got a rabbit called Joe. Our neighbour breeds show pedigree rabbits and we were going to have a baby one that was 'not up to show standard' (which Em thought was very funny!) but in the end he gave us a show one! So when we told people we had a bunny (including the vet) we were asked when the second one was joining us...............apparently they get lonely as they are pack animals. So Fred then joined us (and again he gave us a pedigree - very norty neighbour!) Already have fabby personalities - Joe is a maniac! For anyone who has watched Over the Hedge, our Joe is just like Hammy! Fred is very quiet and shakes alot! We did have an introduction but that ended rather badly so we are taking our time now! I do openly admit I am now a bunny groupie - they are sooooo cool!! Pictures to follow shortly, as I keep forgetting!
And then I got my first assignment back from college - a pass woo hoo!
And then chrimbo! I have had a great time. We all went to mum and dad's for the day (after going to the outlaws in the morning). Gail and Robert came up so it was a real family thing. I got some amazing pressies! A bind it all (which I thought I was going to get as we were discussing a cj I have and he mentioned that it would look better if it was spiral binded - like he would know anything like that without having to go onto a site and order one lol!). He did also buy me a BIA tote bag, tons of spare wires and tool kit from a lovely lady who he was on the phone to for an hour and a half - she so saw him coming eh? ;o) I also got lots of perfume, jewellery, crafty stuff, tickets to see Strictly at Manchester, cd's, etc etc. I also got a gorgeous set of pressies from Sue all the way from Florida - love her! I got a Elsie star book, multi coloured rings for my cj's, a beautiful magnet to match my bday mini canvas AND a christmas 2007 scrapbook, which I just have to add the photos!!! Tis gorgeous xxx
So here are some photos from the day:
This is just Ol's pile! He is in there somewhere!
And these are the rest of ours - or at least some of them! Did I mention we go a bit ott when it comes to chrimbo pressies!!!
Then we have the necessary sleeping after lunch piccies ;o) sorry uncle Robert and Auntie Gail lol!

Then Boxing Day we went for our usual meal, which involves a full cooked all day breakfast (which makes you feel very sicky afterwards!).
Back to work today, but managed to get half of a MASSIVE assignment done so am feeling very good. Other half hopefully will be finished tomorrow!
My friends may have noticed that I didn't send any cards out this year - SORRY! But I had lots of beady orders to do, so needed to foucs on them. BUT I am going to send Carol a cheque for the doggies as a donation. Hope that is ok with everyone - you know I think you are all wonderful and wished you a very merry chrimbo xxxxx

Friday, December 07, 2007

How rude

Why do all my non crafty friends think this is hysterical?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

much going on!

I have so much going on at the moment I don't have time to catch my breath!

I was assessed yesterday at work by my tutor, which was terrifying! I had two one hour sessions and the first one was fantastic. Of course I invited my tutor to the second one, which was full of dullards who would not join in! She said I did really well considering and I got really good am happy!

Erm.....what else? Oh dh had the job of tooth fairy tonight and he did it so well! (except I did send him back in cos he was a cheap yorkshire accountant so he was told to add to it ;o) )

Oooooooh he has a Man U fan in his secret santa and he has got together a load of quotes on pages (all very sarcastic as he is a Liverpool fan!), photos and embellishments.................hands up who thinks this sounds like a scrapbook? of course he is completely denying it!

Have rec'd my uks Buffy cj back and it is fab. Will scan it soon.

Just getting together a jewellery order for a fabby friend - have enjoyed doing beadies again.

Am also making a couple of chrimbo pressies, one of which I am happy with and one I am HATING! And of course the one I am hating is the one I have to send soon cos she is going away - so because SHE is going on her jollies I am getting stressed and grumpy, so yey thanks posh bird!

AND to add to that I got a reminder that the Magikal mystery tour cj next posting is tomorrow and I am nowhere near finished. Now Sue suggested I asked Em for an excuse, cos quite frankly her excuses are fantastic! So when I texted her to ask for a spare one..................well lets just say I was SHOCKED at her response! very rude!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love my boy

Today the kids were told in class that one of their classmates has been diagnosed with leukemia. So they have been told what will happen ie hair loss etc. So on the way home, Ol was telling me about it. He then started to worry cos it is winter and she will be cold.

About 15 mins later he asks if we can go round to Grandma's.

So when we get there he takes Grandma to one side and asks if she will knit a hat and scarf for Caitlin cos she will get too cold in the winter with no hair.

My god I love my boy *sigh*

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Initial Teaching Assignment

Well last night we had to deliver a 20 minute lesson to our class on our specialist subject. It went ok, the feedback was overall quite good. I can't believe how nervous we all were! The really good thing was we all supported each other, so if we asked a question someone was guaranteed to answer and if we needed volunteers someone was there. What it did prove to me was that I am loving this course so much and am so pleased I applied for it. Definately the right change of direction for me!

I also downloaded all the photos off DH's camera the other day and I laughed so much at the next four photos! Not sure if it will translate but it was very funny at the time! DH is trying out the timer on the camera at my sisters house but it took four attempts to get him in the shot..................we were in hysterics by the end of it!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Official

I is the most spoiltest person EVER!! Today I am 35 and I have had soooooooooooooooo many pressies I am all a bit shocked!

I got a bunch of roses from my team at work (bless them!), a designer handbag of mum and dad, a set of flip flop candles (Em you would LOVE them!), big box of choccies, a subscription for Bead UK off my sister and bil, lots of money, 3 new cds, a trip to Art from the Heart's new shop on Saturday and tons of kisses from little man plus a birthday tea at Mcdonalds.................. up to that I is spoilt.

Then I get 5 parcels from crafty friends - and to say I am a bit overwhelmed is an understatement! Because I have lost my battery for my camera I can't show all of them as I will have to borrow dh's but I can show you some and I will scan some but they will look pants (so if any of you angels have decent photos can you email them to me!!).

This is a gorgeous birthday book from Sue, with an example of a month page.

and here is the most fantastic mini canvas of my baby! I keep moving it round the house cos I can't decide where to put it as I want to be able to see it all the time! (it also has a little easel)

Then Carol sent me a wonderful knick knack box, which this scan really does not do any justice so I am hoping Caz took some of her fabby photos ;o)

(tbh I am quite distraught about this, cos I think it is made of matchboxes and if it is, then that bird truly can make stunning things out of such simple things! No wonder she is BOB 2007 lol!)

Then this is one of the things Em made me, a blackboard which is soooooo cool and according to my baby I should use when I teach cos the class will like it!

The bootilicious Em also made me a List holder of fab pink heart shaped post it notes, held up by a PINK BIG PEG! Now last night I was telling Sue how much I wanted a big peg and she never said noffink!! and now I have one! Have scanned it and it looks terrible so that will be a dh special me thinks!

And I got a name plate accordian book, of which the poem made me cry cos it is so beautiful - again scan does not do it any justice *blush*

And then I opened Steph's which again had me filling up! It is an stunning acetate circle LO (which I have always loved!) with my fav piccy of me and dh on our wedding day in pink and lime - identical to my crafty room colours. Cos it is acetate it does not scan well - so another dh special I'm afraid!

Then an accordian book from Kathy, which is perfect in every way.

There are so many pages, I just can't do them all! But I know exactly how I am going to fill it and that is to say where I am at 35 - have wanted to do this and wasn't sure how but as soon as I saw this I knew what to do!

So that is just some - and I haven't even scanned the cards yet!! I am so so lucky to have such wonderful, caring and incredibly talented friends. This is a very happy birthday!

Thank you everyone.

Before I go I do want to show you one card I got from Bucket. Now those who know me know my hair is a little bit wild, but I do not deserved this (especially when everyone laughed when they came into my office and saw it!)

Monday, November 12, 2007

At last - sorry H!

A VERY long time ago *blush* we had a beady swap on CBC. Well I had H as my partner and she sent me the most delicious beads but tbh I was completely out faced by them. I had NO idea what to do with them and I put them on my 'waiting for inspiration' pile (there's quite alot on that pile lol!).

Well a few weeks ago I went to a show in Harrogate and I saw some examples using these beads. So I have adapted what I saw and came up with this:

H's beads are the big ones that are intertwined with the main string. You can't really tell on here but they are really funky and fun, and they are all mine ;o)

So thank you H and as I have said, I am really sorry for it taking so long to make something with them!

Me and Ollie have had a duvet day today. I have been icky all weekend and on the way to work / school this morning, little man had a little accident. It was only little but I didn't want to leave him there knowing that I had been poorly (my mahusive pet hate of parents taking their children to school / nursury when they know the kid is poorly as my boy has missed 3 out of 5 birthdays and christmases due to having major bugs - so it gets me mad mad mad!). Plus I would hate for him to have the humiliation of having a major accident in front of his classmates. So I had a chat with the teacher and I bought him home. Then phoned my boss (man with grown up children) and explained Ol was poorly. ' (sigh)Ok well I'll hope to see you tomorrow then' - and then at 3.30pm rings me begging for me to come in cos they have a major disaster and he can't deal with it. (which of course I did, phewie for grandad's!) So believe me I will be having words with him tomorrow!!

Anyway, there is a point to the ramblings! While I was making H's bracelet, Ol played with some beads and made Lynda a bracelet too. Lynda is my friend who I hold as one of the women who I most admire as a mother, single parent since Jorge was about 2, amazing relationship and the child is wonderful. Now Jorge is 11 now and when I go and see Lynda, Ollie and Jorge play on the playstation. To say Ollie thinks he is a god is an understatement! So when I ask who the bracelet is for, he says well Lynda of course! (am I ok to feel a little jealous cos it was not for me lol?!). So here it Ol's bit of beading today (don't freak, I did the crimp beads and the clasp!):

Wish me luck tomorrow getting a 5 year old to school who has worked out he can have days off if he says he is poorly!

Friday, November 09, 2007

And I am done!

Well I have finished all the challenges!! Woo flippin hoo!

Here are the rest:

The second sew far sew good - a thank you card for mum for all the sewing stuff she does for us!
Challenge 13 - Peg it

Challenge 7 - Another shape (this stand up with a pyramid bit at the back!)

Challenge 4 - Marathon Project

This is a 6x6 book for sister's chrimbo pressie. All about our two trips to legoland (note the freaky photos that are a year apart and yet almost exactly the same!).

Not all of the pages, but an example to show.

(very sorry for the poor scan but the lego pieces raise it too high)

(and don't tell the boys I nicked their lego ;o))

(just to prove to Uncle Robert that he DOES sleep in the car!)

Challenge 14 - Useful storage

(a bobbins box for mum)

Challenge 11 - It's a Picture (with bonus points for not using a frame)

So here is a calendar for sister

Challenge 6 - cd

This is a xmas tree for my craft room (as I won't have space for a proper one!) and Little man is making my the decs to put on it!

Challenge 10 - a table decoration

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some more

Well I have managed to do some more of Sue's challenges. I really wish I had more time cos I would love to really sit and think about what I do - but I don't so these are the best I can do in the time. Plus I have done the storage box and photo frame ones ................ and now can't find my camera battery that I put somewhere safe to charge up...................*sob*!

I did promise Sue I would do every one but that is looking unlikely now but I have given it my bestest shot - and am determined to finish the marathon challenge which is booked for tomorrow night's 'slot'

Challenge 15 More than 1

3 to be precise – I want you to make 3 cards. Each card must have the same embellishment or stamp used on it 3 TIMES

Challenge 17 - a picture

and finally I want you to make a card using a PHOTO You may also make a LO if you prefer An EXTRA 5 points if you use NUMBERS on your project

(This is a thank you card for Lisa, who throws the BEST kids halloween parties! This is baby Alice - the one who was poorly when she was born. Look at her now!)

Challenge 16 - to die for

Make a CHRISTMAS card using DIE CUTS. No other rules

Challenge 12 - sew far sew good

2 cards are required here – no theme at all BUT they MUST include items that you would normally find in a sewing / knitting box


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wishing you a blingy christmas!

Well here is another challenge - this time something beady. Now most of the things I make are for other people. DO NOT get me wrong, I love making things for my friends and family but I did realise the other day I went out (miracle!) and I did not have anything decent bead wise to wear! So I promised myself I would make something for me - and with christmas coming what is a better excuse for using up all the swarovski crystals that I have saved up.

So here is my blingy christmas. Not sure about the necklace but can change that before my work 'do' if needed! The scan doesn't show the complete blinginess of it BLING BLING and more BLING!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

ahhhhhh that's better!

I forgot how much I love stamping and embossing! Here are my cards for Sue's challenge number 5 (only meant to do one but I had so much fun I did two!).

For this challenge we want you to make a card using RUBBER STAMPS (don't panic if you haven't GOT stamps IMPROVISE!!!!) there are 2 steps to this challenge Use your stamps to make a BACKGROUND as well as having a MAIN STAMPED IMAGE. You can use two different stamps for the two elements or get creative and use the same stamp to make the background and the main image - it's up to you!

The first one is embossed with my fav powder, moonglow (midnight copper) which doesn't show the shimmer in the scan. The middle bit is raised up.This one has a script stamp as the background and the tree is embossed using moon glow again. It is four images decoupaged (pain in the bum but end result is good!).

And here is a necklace for challenge 3, WE NEED A PRESSIE!!! so whatever you like a present for someone handmade and fabulous