Thursday, August 30, 2007

Am back

from our jollies! Went to stay with my sister and bil, very good week.

Monday was Natural History Museum, Tuesday was Reading, Wednesday was Legoland, Thursday was Windsor and Friday was London Aquarium, Saturday was shopping in various places...........

So it was goooood to get home to relax!! Have lots of photos so the exploding box for chrimbo pressie is sorted lol. I didn't get to meet Steph unfortunately cos every minute was accounted for!!
Have plugged in and installed my Robo tonight, and quite chuffed cos I did it all by myself!

I have been feeling a bit down lately due to a couple of things but yesterday my mates cheered me up, which gave me enough confidence to start my horrendous 3 lots of medication today! (plus Em bullied me into it!). Have been suffering today but apparently (according to Dr Sue) if I read a side affect on the t'internet that does not necessarily mean I am going to get it!!! Although one of the medicines has a side affect of confusion - which I find very funny! (and when I do get this one can you remind me it is due to the pills and my name and address is ..................pmsl!)

Well here are a couple of piccies but the best ones are on DH's camera so I'll have to get those off him!

(can't wait to scrap the first photo - ain't that just begging for a sarcastic title!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Compared to last week, this one has been an odd one!

Great news on the safe arrival of Kya. Carol, is my friend at work (another craftie bonkers bird!) and her daughter gave birth to a beautiful miracle. Now I think every baby is a miracle, but this one more so! At 4 months Sam was told she had miscarried. She hadn't. At 7 months Sam was told the baby had died. She hadn't. At 8 months Sam was told she was going to be induced cos it was unlikely that the baby would the fact that Kya is here, healthy and beautiful is bloody amazing!!

So I made Carol this canvas:

Excuse the scan - camera is being charged!

Then I woke up to find my little man sat on the landing, surrounded in pages with drawings on. And this is what he was doing - warning, tissues needed!

"Cat missing. I love him. He is black and he is 12, phone mum"

So Casper is still not's been almost two weeks now. Not thinking about the inevitable but now when people are asking they have that kind of look that says 'oh dear'!

AND this week I have been diagnosed with a syndrome! (never had a syndrome before). Now I have been having lots of tests and lots of poking and prodding and finally this week we have a result! Only taken 18 months! It's not quite what I was expecting, plus I have two things wrong but they have finally found out what it is and I can go on medication. But the side affects are awesome - not that I got any sympathy from my so called friends! So this time next week, expect a phychotic wreck with lots of physical 'problems' - deep joy!! I am ok though, so don't be worrying ;o)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

what a week!

Monday - dislocated my left hip OWWWWHHHH f******* OOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwhhhh!

Tuesday - another disaster to deal with (is it my imagination or are we getting more and more disasters since Brown became pm?!)

Wednesday - gave Lynne her going away surprise party and her scrapbook and video (and spent 10 minutes handing her tissues as she sobbed like a baby ;o) )

Thursday - sorted the 87 sets of Stamp Man ATC swaps (OMG 87!!!)

Friday - spent the day doing my garden and now I have my fancy smancy pergola - which I adore btw and will take a photo tomorrow, spent the afternoon planting all the plants I have been saving. I now have a wisteria climbing up it, I have always wanted a wisteria and now I have one - very happy! Also as I was mowing the lawn, stood funny on my leg which promptly popped my hip nicely back into place and now do not walk like I have had a little 'accident' and swearing with every single step lol!

Am sad this week though, have not seen my big squidgy cat since Sunday................not looking good ;o( Am hoping he will just wander back in at some point - hope so anyway!

Off to a work's family fun day tomorrow with Bex and the boys, can't wait!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lynne's Scrapbook

Well, last week we all met round at Trudy's and we had a crop! My first time at a crop and it was ironic that it was with a group of friends who have never scrapbooked in their lives and we usually meet up for parties and meals! We are making a scrapbook for Lynne's leaving pressie and I have to say the girls did a really good job. I stepped back a bit and just let them go for whatever pages they wanted to do. It is really odd, and something I have never really noticed with the 'professional' scrappers, but the pages really do reflect personalities. for example, Trudy's is pink and fluffy, Lisa's is plonked on and full of fun, Lynda's evolves around sex and shoes!!! I got to do lots of filler pages too, which I loved doing too.

I had such a good time and I know Lynne is going to love it when we give it to her on Wednesday. I just have one dlo to to about work (where we all met 12 years ago!!).

Friday, August 03, 2007

Under the Sea!

Mum has done it again! This time it's a wall hanging for Ollie's bedroom, which is sea themed.

Love it!