Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow - it's bin a while!

One day Ol was finishing school for the summer and the next day he is due to go back - where the flippin heck has the summer gone?!!!

It has been a busy one! We've done lots of days outs with school friends, ten pin bowling, pictures, etc etc.

We also did a week at my sister's which included the annual lego land day out. Have lots of photos, to follow shortly!

We also had a day at London Zoo, which was fab! Other days included Reading and Windsor, which I love going to for day's out.

We also have become 'posh pikey's' (as named by my 'mates' I hasten to add, this is not a label I have given to ourselves!). We have got a static caravan in the Lakes, which I have to say I LOVE!! It is so fab getting away, relaxing, living at the lakes, and it's only an hour away. In fact we are all gutted when we have to leave! If I had my way, we would live there!

Anyway, have been making a certain person a birthday pressy. I was going to do a sneaky peak, as I know how much she lurves those ;o)

I have also been asked to do a xmas stall at a craft fair, not sure tbh - I'd like the stash money but I have nothing already made so I'll have to get cracking.............easier to decline?!!

Anyway, hope you are all ok and now I am back, I should be updating more!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RIP Splashy Bob!

We had to bury our goldfish on Tuesday - Splashy Bob was a cute little fishy and was Ol's first pet..........he had a good cry and we had a little funeral for him (felt very wrong flushing him down the toilet) and my boy wrote a prayer 'Dear God, we all want you to bring my fish back to life, you did it with Samson so can you do it with Splashy Bob? Thanks, Ahmen' gotta love that boy!

Yesterday was a bit sad for me cos it was one year since we last saw Casper ;o( but then we got home and Sue had sent Ol a little pressie of a fabby bookmark with an owl and his name on, to say he was excited is an understatement! 1. he got a letter, which he never gets and he moans constantly! 2. he got a bookmark and he is doing a special challenge at the library and NEEDS a bookmark and 3. it's from Sue and quite frankly he asks every day if he can talk to her on msn!!!
I went into where I am going to be teaching in Sept (the 16 year old kids scary one!) and I only have a chuffing a pigeon hole! I can't believe how excited I am about this! It's as if I am a real proper teacher lol!