Sunday, June 29, 2008

wedding card

Nick and Nicola are getting married on Saturday. I am soooo excited! Nick used to work for me and together we chose her ring on the 'net, designed the proposal and where he would do it!! He rang me from the beach in Spain after he had asked her and I burst into tears lol!! Nicola is at the same level as me, and we tend to be the only females in the male dominated meeting so we tend to protect each other! They are just really great and I can't wait for them to be married.

Not 100% sure this is ok for a wedding card but her colours are I may have to think about it for a week! This is also part of the chipboard swap on JB, my partner Paula sent me this:

And I used it on here:

I am also a bit mad with myself, I made a matching canvas with the idea to get a black and white photo on the day, stick it on the canvas and give it to them on the night. Except I forgot we are all going to look at posh pikey caravan's on Saturday and everyone is soooo mega excited I can't postpone - so not entirely sure what to do now! I could give it to them and take it back once I have got a photo from somewhere, give it to them and say 'stick photo here' or say just wait and give it to them when they get back from honeymoon.................mmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Are you still out there?!! Sometimes life just gets so manic it's hard to get it all down - and the last few weeks have been bonkers!! So much has happened and I've forgotten alot of it!

I now have a new car, the Jimny had to go. It was a fab car, but struggled living in the Dales (a 4x4 that could handle hills!) and I now have a sex on wheels bad boy! It is a Grand Vitara 'Attitude', tis black with spoiler and pimp alloys. Everyone at work thinks it is very funny - and tbh it does look like a pimp mobile, but I do love it.

Erm, what else?.....I have finished my first year at school. That is very scarey as this time next year I will have my PGCE. I have been asked to do some bits of teaching at college, which I am very chuffed about. Have also been asked to become an NVQ assessor (I can hear Em screaming from here lol!) which is quite tempting.

Work has been a whole different matter! Due to my 'outside interests' (college) my Director feels I should hand over some of my responsibilities to enable me concentrate on my personal development. I am so upset about this but very proud that I have been sooooo professional. I think 5 years ago I would've ripped all their heads off - but now I am definately following the 24 hour rule (although this has actually been about 72 hours!). Apparently there is a huge risk in that I am the only one in the company who can do my job - so I have to hand over some of the work to someone else to do instead! I don't know what I am most upset about - 1. this is the first time in 15 years of working there that I am doing something for myself, 2. my boss who is leaving next week obviously knew this was coming and never said a word, or stopped it from happening or 3. I am soooo upset cos what it really comes down to is status, yes I have worked bloody hard to get there but hey, still getting the same money for less stress and work so why am I crying about it so much? Anyhoo, if I keep getting offered so much teaching I may just have to re-evaluate ;o)

Next door scum bag kicked off yesterday. His 3 year old was climbing on top of our fence, trying to get on the roof of the shed. So I told him (calmly) to get down or he would hurt himself. Scummer then came out and went MENTAL cos I told his kid off. But the best thing was my neighbours on the other side were in their garden and he didn't know so as soon as he saw them he siddled back into his pit! Damn this housing crash!

Craftwise - I have been very busy! A certain person's birthday is coming up and I have been initially stressing cos making for her is a chuffing nightmare! I have now managed to cobble something together. Of course I have not thought ahead of how I am going to post it to her! Yeah never really thought about that bit pmsl! All very well doing something a bit different but I may have to drive it down to give it to her lol! But Sue says it is a good idea - so if Em hates it it's her fault pmsl!

I've also done a few cards - imagine that?!!

Have also finished my H page. Not 100% cos it is very different, but hey that's the point right?

Sooooooooooooo -I can soon show you what I have been making but I promise I have been busy ;o)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alice's book

If you remember, we were told Alice wouldn't make it but last week me and Ollie went to her 1st Birthday party! I wanted to make her (and mummy) something special to recognise this - so I made her a book with photos of the day.

Hopefully mummy will like it!
Had an awful night last night at college, did some exams that I need to do to qualify for next year. Literacy I think went ok but numeracy was a complete disaster ;o( I lost it completely after 20 mins and couldn't get it back. Think I will be retaking that one next term grrrr. But after a good cry and a big piece of chocolate cake, I feel sooooo much better ;o)
Ollie had a fab day today and has gone to bed telling me how koool sue is! Comes to something when the boy would prefer to chat to her on msn than play with me! She is a good babysitter though, and laughs at his toilet joke!