Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I love Dy!

Well today was an Art from the Heart day, to celebrate my end of course.

So here is what we did, and I have to say I loved every minute of it (was very quiet and subdude today but still loved it!).

We were meant to put an image in the corner, you know the ones with the photo head and
stamped body - but tbh they scare the hell out of me! So I left a space, but I do know what I am putting in there!

Spending the day with Dy always amazes me, she is so incredibly talented and brilliant - and has so much to give..........it really is wonderful spending time there (and I don't think she knows how much we all do!)

So I was give the visa card and told to 'treat' myself (which I did obviously cos it would be rude not to!) and got gorg 7 Gypsies stuff and I have succumbed to grunge board - never used it till today but yes I am in love!

So got the visa today and being treated to an indian tonight..........wonder what he has done ;o)

So Torchwood part 2 tonight - god I have missed Captain Jack!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I did it!

Well friends and bloggers, it is official - I have finished my teacher training and I have now had my 'oh I'm just a student teacher' security blanket ripped out of my little hands! We have a weekend away on the 10th at Huddersfield Uni but we are all done and dusted. We went for a chinese last night which was fab - we just all ate way too much and had disgusting amount of doggy bags to take home! To celebrate I have booked myself onto an Art from the Heart course next week, cannot wait. Dy has told me to sort out my shoes (she has a thing), it comes to something when you have to think of whether your shoes are nice enough!!!

But there is a serious moment I am afraid! Oscar speech warning! My family have been fantastic over the last two years, my hubby has supported me all the way. my boy has put up with not seeing me most nights cos I have been working or studying and mum and dad have looked after the boy every Tuesday for two years! Plus there are two people who have checked in ALL the time to see how I am doing! They made me glorious pressies to take to school on my first night and have basically kept me going. So thank you Em and Sue - I really do appreciate all the love and support you have given me xxx

Now there was something else I needed to say.................what was it?

Oh yes - there is a certain gorgeous individual who is another year older (so sorry you are in your late 30's now :o))

Happy birthday Em - love you TONS!! xxx