Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Knock, knock who's there?


Hello there! I've been awol for a bit now! We sacked AOL cos they were rubbish, then went to BT and quite frankly I lost the will to live! But we seem to be back online for a bit so I thought I would say hi!

I won't bore you with the last 4 months but it has been fast, fun and furious! We'll just start blogging going forward iykwim! New job is going great. Very happy with the decision and no looking back. We have been spending quite a bit of time at the caravan which is ace. We all love it there soooooooooo much. We went for easter for the two weeks, so have tons of photos. Am going to make Ollie a scrapbook, as I think he deserves a little book cos he always says how nice it would be to get one, bless him!

I have been crafting this week, probably first time in months and I have loved it. Have done my K and L pages, so will post those soon.

Just a little you tube vid to show you - we were involved in a charity concert night last week and this was our 'turn'. Bet you can't see me (hint - all my lecturer colleagues are above 5'6" lol).