Thursday, February 28, 2008

I got WELL done!

My big sister left me a rather brusque voicemail today, shouting at me for having a blog and not telling her!

Ok, one I DID tell you - at christmas and mum says she remembers me telling you cos she has no idea what a blog is and she asked dad...........and well you can imagine that conversation.

Two - I have mentioned you loads of times! And there is a very dodgy photo of you!

So everyone, say hi to my big sister Gail and no she won't tell you all my family and childhood secrets - cos if she does then I will post hers on here too!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Warning - Loooooooooooong post!

Well here I am again, no pictures this time - just boring text I'm afraid ;o)

Has been a bit of a whirlwind tbh - bad stuff first:

Dh's grandma died this morning. A very strong and unique lady, who has left a big hole in the world. RIP Annie xxx

Dad got rushed into hospital with something wrong with his intesteins (sp?). Our main worry is that if they operate, he will get MRSA (7 out of the last 8 times he has!!). Makes you wonder how much more one human body can take!

John at work has been left by his wife - he is in pieces and I am gutted, really thought he had finally found the one.

So....................good stuff!

My main excitement is the arrival of Grace Elizabeth! Tracie (Bondgirl) had a beautiful little girl, and named her Grace (mainly cos all of fate and destiny said she had to ;o). No pictures yet tho (HINT HINT) but I am very happy - and can now make something pink - woo hoo!

Went to Strictly Come Dancing Tour with mum and sister. Was ace! My hands hurt at the end due to all the clapping - and I even danced at one point! Was a really good girlie night out.

TOOT TOOT - Kathy has had my bday book put onto the BG gallery - very chuffed as it is MINE!! Well done Kathy!

Have started the ABC of Me - as you have seen lol - very excited about this, have made a list (of course!) and only have a few initials to decide on ;o)

Got a gorgeous card from Em when I got home from work - and boy did I need that! How does she know?!!

House is on the market. We have found our dream home and now we just need to sell ours - easy eh? But I do have a contingency house jic ;o)

Have had another assessment from college, which went ok - so, so far so good.

Thinks that it for to college for 4 hours now and I am so excited! So sad I know.

Keep safe everyone, and kiss a loved one xxx

Saturday, February 23, 2008

And here is mine

Ok - I am getting on average a text every 30 mins from some nutty bird, and quite frankly I am feeling so sorry for her boys it is untrue! MY GOD that woman can nag!!!

I am going to blog more and update you on some bits and pieces, but hopefully this will stop her harrasing me for at least the next hour!

Here is my A page. VERY sorry but I have lost my camera, and DH's is way too expensive for me to use! So I have had to scan and do in two stages (hate doing that!!)

This is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I guess the whole point of a challenge is to do that! So we have Black and white - and nothing else - flipping heck! And it's a bit romantic, which I do not do. But hey it is our 10th wedding anniversary this year, so I thought for once I could be slushy!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Such a nippy biscuit!

I am getting hourly telling offs from Em cos I haven't been here for a while! So just to shut her the hell up, here I am!

I have been very busy over the last few weeks, everything has been manic. Last week was Jim and Shirley's joint retirement 'do' last week at work. They are both fab people, who make the day go that bit faster. So it is quite emotional that they are both leaving. They are the ultimate odd couple, it is so funny watching them together. Shirley is the ultimate matriark (sp?) and Jim the down trodden long suffering husband! I made Shirley a book for her trip to New Zealand and I tarted a box up for Jim as he is starting to learning how to paint. He was so choked up he gave me a big hug! And then I remembered why crafting is so cool, cos we get to make people happy, and that is cool!

HAve been very busy crafting, two pages in two cj's one for cbc and one for uks. The next cj I have on uks is Willow's. I love working on Willow's stuff as her style is so unique and distinctive and it really does change the way I do stuff. Can't wait to do this cj, know exactly what I am going to do for this one.

Also it was a couple of bdays last week - gorgeous pinkness that is Mel and the beautiful bird that is Carol. For Mel I made a Tinkerbell mini peg and Carol I made a star for her to wish on.

So tons of crafting and obviously not one photo! As I left everything to the last minute so no chance of taking piccies. Good one!

Had a fab MSN party last week, I have missed them x

The bunnies are moved into the same hutch now - with a seperation between them, Joe II is on the top floor and Freddie is ground floor. Seem ok, am not going to put them together as I am not going to have them 'done'. Do NOT want to go through that again!

There is an air of excitement at home at the moment. We have heard a very nice house which is actually a converted stable is up for sale in the village where Ol goes to school, so are trying to find out more info. At first I ignored any conversations about moving but having spent all last night (well to 3.45am at least) lying away and thinking about it, I am now coming round to the idea. Plus the thought of putting up with the scummers from next door does not sit well iykwim. I don't want to leave here as it has been a happy home, but this other house is GORGEOUS! And if I lose my craft room DH has said I can have a cabin in the garden - so everyone's a winner! I think even if we don't go for this one then it is time to start looking for the right next home is coming around.

So here is a long boring post with no piccies, but at least it will shut the goddess up till she finds something else to nag me about! As I have said on a number of occasions, poor poor Mat!