Saturday, November 25, 2006

Was I naughty?

Well............let's just say Art from the Heart were there and they had all their Blonde Moments yeah I bloody was naughty!!

(and there were tons of bead stalls - so was even badder than that ;o))

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm ok

I've been having lots of tests lately, cos there is something not right - but all the 'nasty' tests have come back normal, so it seems whatever I have is just your bog standard stuff woo hoo!!

I had a great chat with an old lost friend last night, which I really enjoyed. Glad we did xxx

Off to Harrogate tomorrow to the Knitting and Stitching show, which has knitting and stitching but also TONS of card making and beady stuff so am a bit excited!

I have made tons of stuff, all of which I am quite proud of! But I can't show you cos some of it is for sneaky beaks who I do not want to see their pressies before chrimbo - so I'll have to show you them after ;o)

Melissa got her beadies that I made for her and I think she quite likes them! Which is a relief as I always worry when I have sent them off and I am waiting for the response - phew lol!

Anyway, see you tomorrow when I have spent a day being inspired and spending too much money!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And we're off!!

We all sent our Circle Journals out yesterday and I got Sarah's today. To say it is amazing is an understatement!! I am so freaked out that I am next in the book lol!!

It has been (mostly) such good fun and I am really enjoying it - even if I am freaking!! We are certainly going to be tested to the limit! Confidence is at an all time low, so my friends are going to strangle me by the end of this!

Leadership conference tomorrow (no longer called Management Conference as we are Leaders not Managers...................blurgh!!). The new MD is certainly stamping his mark on the place - can't wait for the question and answer session! (as well as the party tomorrow night ;o))

Rob is clear from cancer - flipping fantastic news. I had a horrible thought it was going to be one of those heartbreaking love stories. My sister finally finds her soul mate and he is diagnosed with cancer (again) but noooooooooooooooo he is ok (thanks up there!). I am very worried about Joey. I mentioned his little girl was poorly but they left for Florida so I assumed all is ok. Well it isn't ;o(

One good thing about the conference is I get to drive for an hour with my new Pink cd - why have I not listened to her before? She is fab!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've been spoilt!

Other than the fact they are very caring people, there is another benefit of having crafty friends - you get amazing birthday pressies!!

I got a fab post it pad and xmas card kit from Sue, an original Carol M candle and a die, the most amazing waterfall book from Kathy (which I was admiring yesterday on her blog little knowing I was going to get it for my birthday!) and some jewellery from Em. Now Em says she is not a beader but they were gorgeous! And her card made me blub!

And lots of beautiful cards from my BC1 friends.

Thank you everyone - made me feel very special xxxx

Circle Journal

Here is my attempt! My standard isn't very high - but I enjoyed doing it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So busy!!

Sorry - I haven't updated a while (again!!).

What have I been doing................?

Max's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. He is so cool! I know I am biased cos he's my godson, but he is a dude! Bex made me a little cake too and I got balloons too (cos me and Max have a joint bday party!).

It was Sue's weekend challenge this weekend and it has been so fantastic on the forum! So busy and everyone crafting - ace! I managed to do some - not all of them which was the aim ;o( but some of them. And am now determined to do Gail and Rob some coasters for chrimbo.

Have had my blood pressure taken today and it is still too high - so blood test and ECG tomorrow - happy birthday to me!! Oh and I may not have any choice in the old stress and work thingy....

Oooooooooh and Ollie is a shepard in the Nativity Play and he has got a line! 'We are the three shepard's' How chuffed am I and how much am I going to sob!! He also might be on tele. ITV are doing a religous documentry on his school on how RE was taught 50 years ago and now in present day. So I'll let you know lol!

Also I was talking to his teacher today and I mentioned I did card making and have now somehow managed to offer to do a card making session with the class in time for chrimbo..........................WHY?!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My poor baby!

Will someone please tell my child not to bounce on his bed and do a 'geronimo' jump - unless there is someone there to catch you!!!

All I could think of was what a great scrapbook page it would make - I know, I am an awful mother lol!!

How sad does he look? ;o(

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catch up!

Sorry blog - its been a while!!

Saturday was the Stamp Man demo day. I was a bit nervous on this one cos usually I am given a design to show people how to make. This time it was a 'what would you like to do' table - which basically meant they sat there and said 'I dunno' and I had to think of something to show them!! They all seemed happy and so did the boss, so I must've done ok!!

Sunday was bonfire night. We went to the village where Ol goes to school, which was lovely. a couple of fireworks went a bit haywire which was a tadge worrying but no-one got impailed on a rocket - so overall a good night lol!

Today was our first ever Parents Evening. He did good and Mrs O was very pleased with him. She said he is a serious little boy who thinks very hard about things. He tells very interesting facts (usually pointing his finger!) and obviously knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs!! One thing she did mentioned was his amazing ability to get ready for PE. Now I am very proud if this cos my friend Em mentioned ages ago that in her job, she has a nightmare when kids don't know how to undress and dress themselves. So we have practised (*blush*) and now he can do it really well. So Mrs O thanked me for making her life easier - I am sooooooo chuffed! How sad is that! lol! DH thinks its hysterical and he says he's going to get me a lollipop tomorrow!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday!

To my hubby!! We both took a day off work and went shopping in Ikea for house stuff (got loads of bits for my craft room but he refused to buy me a lava lamp - think I may have pushed him too far with that one ;o) ) and then Toys R Us for chrimbo pressies - which we are all finished for the children in our lives (marvellous!!).

Tomorrow we are doing the adults pressies and then we are done!! No idea why we are blitzing them - but while we feel like it we may as well!

What a way to spend your birthday! Think he is just getting old lol!

Stamp Man demo day on Saturday. Getting nervous now as am doing something a bit different!! Oh well, I am a glutton for punishment!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Well, we have been waiting for a court summons for a while now........I didn't tell you what happened with the nutty neighbour! It involved him screaming and shouting at me and my boy in the middle of the street - threatening and f'ing and blinding (to the point my 4 year old asked me what a c**t was!!!). So last night we got a missed recorded delivery notice through the door to 'The occupiers of .....' - so that's it we thought. I went to pick it up today and it is a letter from next door. Telling us he would like to resolve this issue and he would like us to confirm in writing to promise to pay towards some of the replacement fence should we ever need to replace it in the future.

Funny, 5 weeks ago he wanted a brand new 6 foot fence all the way down his drive and we had to pay 100% of it.

We thinks he has been to see a solicitor lol!! It is the biggest backtrack on record!!!! No wonder he hasn't spoken to us in 5 weeks!

Then I got to work and my fab new boss told me she has been seconded to a major project and today was her last day. She has only been my boss for about 4 months. Before this I had the boss from HELL!! He was awful - but I love my job so I was in catch 22. Then I get a great one but I suppose that is the problem having a great boss, the MD will want her managing the biggest most important project in the company!!! It is a massive job for her and yay for girl power!!

My new one from tomorrow is ok, I know him quite well and he knows nothing about disaster recovery - which keeps me 'in there' ;o)

So a sad and happy day.

We have both agreed we feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders - the law is on our side wooooooooo hoooooooooo!

And I have just a promise to a friend not to look at something cos it will spoil a surprise - and it is very hard not to look and I have another 14 days not to look yet!!