Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fed Up!

I haven't blogged for the last few days as I have been having a poohie time!! That's my main problem you see, when things are bad I clam up rather than talking about my feelings........

The nutty neighbours informed us yesterday that the fence between us is a shared one and as we are building our extension up to the fence, we cannot maintain our side - so we legally can't build upto the fence. Also as it is shared we have to pay half of whatever he does (since DH bought his new car - funny that eh?!) So this time yesterday I thought we were going to have to stop our extension. Today however I have visited my fab legal dept at work (who happen to sit 2 yeards away from me ;o)) who have said that is rubbish (would like to use stronger word but won't!). Dh phoned one of his clients who is a solicitor and he said the same. Dad went to the council offices who said we have been given planning permission to build it 10cms from the fence and that is what we can do. Funny when we have the chance to stick two fingers up they are nowhere to be seen!!

The council gave us a brochure about shared walls and fences and we now know that unless the fence is broken (which it isn't) we do not have to pay for any alterations to it. If neighbours want to change it they have to pay for it and ask us in writing for us to consider it. They also have to give 2 months notice for any work, which means our extension (which officially starts tomorrow) will be well on its way!

So he has shot himself in the foot as we never knew he had to do all this and would never have insisted on any of this had he not of pointed out about the shared bit - so all in all UPS YOURS!!

Then at work one of my team got told off this morning for a really stupid thing that he did on Saturday that has major consquences on the business. He has sulked all day and in one meeting was so embarressing I was shocked at his attitude! My new boss has told me to take this to a formal conclusion - tomorrow morning. Now I have been a boss for 6 - 7 years now and am quite high on 'the ladder' but I still hate doing this part! He is so hard to manage because he does care and when he tries he is good - he is just lazy and I need to nudge him on everything. Which means I end up doing mine and his job!

So tomorrow I have to lay down the law and I fully expect him to sulk all day tomorrow too! Like I said to boss, I drop my toddler off at nursery - I don't expect to deal with one when I get to work!

But apart from that life is good. My garden looks ace and I cannot wait for tomorrow cos the lawn is going down. Once I have worked out how to do photos I will bore you all with the photos from the work!!

Sorry for moaning and sounding negative! It was just a hard day yesterday!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

why there?!

Well, yesterday was a lovely day up until we went to the school's Garden Party. Ollie had been so excited about it all day and I think got a bit too excited! Went in and he went into ultra shy mode (which I knew he would!) and we had a go on the tombola. We didn't win the water pistol and all hell broke loose!

He is 4 and a half now and has never had a major strop...............until now ;o) He went totally mental in front of everyone - I was soooooooooo embaressed and the more I tried to guide him out the door the worse he got. I had to literally drag him out and throw him in the car to calm down. We then went for a walk round the village and ended up at grandma's house (mil). He managed to calm down and we agreed he would do jobs for people and they would pay him. Then once he has saved up his money he can buy a water pistol. So we went back and he was a nice boy. Damage is done though - Mrs Oswald is going to think he is a total nightmare!

To say he is so shy it is painful sometimes, he really did let rip. I think he's saved it up all these years to wait until the most humiliating moment he could!

Today was a good day. We went and picked up DH's new car. It is gorgeous and a bit too posh for my liking but he adores it! He has worked so hard for it and I am really pleased for him. He keeps looking on the drive and sighing!! I think it is love!

I'm doing ok though - have managed to wangle a new set of cheap PINK woolworths stuff like a stereo and tv for my new craft room..........so I'm happy. He has also got a Ipod in the car so I get his MP3 player - so I'm a happy chick today!

Cleaned my car out today as it was a disgrace and I am very proud. Even washed it - must think its her birthday!

One problem with his new car is I got an orchid from the garage. Oh my word - I am soooooo going to kill it! Must have a chat with Kathy and Shal to see what I need to do.

Well that's a happy post - all cool and dandy in my world!!!

Oh almost forgot - Lythan's challenge.........
I've been thinking what I could do as I have so many happy childhood memories (which all seem to be on a warm sunny day?!) but I'm afraid my example is not a happy one - in fact it is so bad it has shaped my whole like.

Every year in Weston-super-Mare there is a winter carnival. Fantastic floats and amazing food etc. Well it always happened on or around my birthday. So my loving and wonderful parent used to tell me it was my birthday party and all the carnival was for me! I was so happy - all those things just for me!

When I found out I was heartbroken. To be fair mum and dad did throw me a party to say sorry at my next brithday. I invited classfriends including David Morgan (sigh) and it was all going well until we decided to have a 'who can eat a twix in one go' competition. All ok until my dad jumped out just when David had started his go............it all got a bit scary when he started to choke but luckily dad was a paramedic so did the hymlic (sp?) on him and bought him back.

So to say to this day I have never had a birthday party is the honest truth - scarred I am!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

1 What was your first pet and what was it's name?
Cat called Tim Brooke Taylor (my maiden name is Taylor!)
2 which WtP character are you? Pooh, Piglet? Eyeore? Or one of the others?
I'd like to say Tigger but I am getting more and more like Rabbit!
3 Aston Martin or Ferrari?
4 Favourite crisps (potato chips) flavour?
Cheese and onion or Beefy Monster Munch!
5 Money no object sailing trip - where would you go?
Alaska / Canada
6 Tea? coffee? or juice?
Juice (if pop is not allowed!)
7 What's your favourite season?
Autumn (with Winter second)
8 Have you ever seen an eclipse?
Yes I was about 10 I think
9.Would you rather hold a snake or a spider?
10.Which do you play? And which is your favourite? Chess, Monopoly, Backgammon, Scrabble
Don't know how to play any of them!
11. Do you do Sudoku?
No but DH is obsessed!
12. 3 favourite flowers?
Lily, Sunflower, Aquilegea (sp?)
13. What's you favourite in a box of chocs?
Soft caramel
14. How many handbags? none, 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 or more than that?
15. How many different countries have you visited?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've got some comments on my first post - how fab is that?! Thanks everyone.

Today has been bad and good. Went for goodbye drinks with Derek. He was given a very unfair ultimatum a few weeks ago at work (knowing that he had just come back over being signed off with stress!) and so he chose to leave. I really do miss him - a nice bloke. He was telling me how he is now a freelance gardener and he is loving it. All I could think of was how jealous I was of him!!

Good news - paid my overdraft off today. Big Yay!! Big achievement for me. Can't wait to close this account!!

Got home and we now have a 6' fence between us and nutty neighbours and it is looking really good so far.

Tomorrow is Ollie's garden party at his new school which he starts in Sept. Quite looking forward to it! Ollie is hysterical as Grandma told him there would be a bouncy castle...........yeah thanks for that!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My first post!

Well, I have spent so long reading everybody else's blogs - I felt I really needed to do one too! Can't think why anyone would want to read about my day but here we go!

We are one week into our house extension and so far so good (apart from our new bonkers neighbours trying to overturn the planning permission as they did not know about it when they bought the house!!). This week the garage has been taken down and the garden dug up ready for the garderner coming tomorrow. Very excited!!!

Work has been good today. Did a 3 hour workshop on Pandemics - only I would find that exciting! Although all the attendees have thanked me for a good meeting, so once I get people locked in a room with no escape - they WILL like disaster management!

I am trying to finish off the birthday cards for July's birthday club and am struggling with the one on the 1st! Can't think why......;o)

Treatment is going well for my psoriasis. I've been going to St Luke's in Bradford three times a week for the last 6 months for Phototherapy treatment. The hospital is about 45 mins from my house but that's ok cos I am listening to R2 there and back. If I time it right I get to drive home to the Oldies and get to sing all the way home! I am meeting the oddest people while I am there! They all seem to gather in the Dermatology dept for some reason. I also got road raged today - some nutter beeped at me as I wouldn't pull over to let him take over me (in the city centre) and then continued to flash and beep at me for the next 10 mins, whilst driving so far up my bum! Funny, he did leave me alone when I pulled into the Police station. I did try to lose him but I was in a Jimny and he was in an Impreza! What a pleasant man!

Well, there we have it. I gave in at last and hope to keep this up. Please don't feel you have to keep coming back - it was nice to see you this once!