Monday, January 03, 2011

ABC Update

It seems I haven't updated the last of my ABC pages. I am sad we didn't end the journey together, but I am glad I have done this. I just have X and V to go. X I keep thinking of xmas. I do have another one I want to do but it means getting staged photos and I'm not a huge fan of that so I think it will be xmas.....and V I have no idea!! All I can think of is Very >>> lucky or happy or something like that!
These aren't in order, so sorry for that!
Z was easy for me, I knew as soon as we started this what I was going to do for Z. For my 30th my sister got me a zoo keeper for a day pressie at Chester Zoo. This is me feeding the lemurs.
These are practice shots my hubby did when he got his new camera - love them!
A bit of a cheat here - N for 1972 lol! The tags say what happened in 1972 (apart from me being born!).

This is a page for my paternal side. These are pictures from my mum and dad's wedding day, with my dad, Uncle Ernie and Grandad.

This was a fav picture, taken in France with hubby trying to convince Ollie to get in the water. Now we can't keep him out!

This is one of my fav pictures of the Lakes. The page is on an acetate sheet but you couldn't see that in the original photo!

So any ideas for V would be VERY much appreciated! ;o)

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Sue said...

lovely pages - so nearly there - its a great feeling to have completed it

as for ideas you know me I NEVER had any myself