Friday, January 07, 2011


I have been very thoughtful over the last week or so about my friendships. I am very lucky to have some great 'virtual' friends, who are crafty, fun and real in every sense! And I make things for them and chat to them all the time. But as I have been making my December book I realised how many wonderful friends I have in my life, here in 'real life'!! One of my virtual friends has really upset me and I have spent a long time worrying and trying to think what I have done to deserve the treatment, and then a friend who I see everyday got me some flowers the other day, just because I went to pick her up from the station cos it was cold.....and this got me thinking. I really do not appreciate the people I see everyday, who hug me, make me laugh / cry / dance / sing etc etc. I completely take them for granted, and I shouldn't! I love my virtual friends and so I am lucky to have both kinds!

And then I went onto my Facebook page and looked at all the people I have on there, and some of them I dread updating their status because they are always so negative or moany! and others I really disliked them at school! and some I can't even remember from school - so I removed them! It is soooooo liberating!

So I have made a promise (not a resolution cos I NEVER keep them!) to spoil my friends and show them how much I appreciate them. So I have made 4 of my friend's a canvas each. We met up over christmas, stayed in and ate too much and it was fantastic! Scarily I have known these women in total 55 years!! We have gone through births, deaths and marriages (and a couple of divorces too!) and I am very lucky to have them! I made one of them a quilt, but other than that they have only ever had cards from me......which is rude! One of them has a card I made her 5 years ago on her hopefully she can update that now!

So now I am off to make something else for someone else...... don't know what or who yet!

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Steph said...

What lovely thoughtful gifts, beautiful too.

Great to see you blogging again xxx