Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy busy busy!

So I gave my friends their canvases and they loved them! Felt all warm and fuzzy, especially as there wasn't any reason for them so they weren't expecting them! So I am continuing with the 'making something for something just because....' theme. My next one is going to be a wedding keepsake box. However, when I asked her to tell me what her colours were I got:

Its all retro/vintage 'make do and mend' so all the Cath Kitson floral colours, without the red. xx

OMG - how am I supposed to use that information?!!!

Mum has now got a gorgeous little puppy called Lilly. She is sooooo cute, I was quite tempted to pinch her! This is her and Ollie having their first afternoon together!

Dad calls her Lilo Lil which has not gone down well - but we think the name might stick!

Here is a birthday card I have made (SHOCK HORROR!). We have a rota at work for birthday cards and the last person buys the next persons card. Except I made mine. Have to say I did go a bit over the top!!

So I have some exciting prospects coming up - going along the 'don't wait for your doors to open - just knock the bloody things down yourself' philosophy!!! I have a meeting tomorrow, so I may have some good news soon!!!

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camcraft said...

Oh The Likkle Puppy is just lovely .. Lilo is a pretty name. Totally Love your card .. cannot wait to see what you come up with for the wedding keep sake box.
Carole x